Three Ways to Wear: Mixed Patterns


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

If there is one thing that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, it is mixing patterns. Ever since I was a wee thing, I have mixed-up my wardrobe to create the unexpected. So, I take no offense when people tilt their heads or snicker at my mixing patterns because fashion is an art–which we all can use to express ourselves! Oops–I digress…I will save that topic for another day *wink* Back to TWTWT. 

This week on Three Ways to Wear Thursday, I am taking my Style skirt (featured 1st on yesterday’s post), and I’m wearing it three different ways! So, without further ado or digression, let’s take a look at this week’s Three Ways to Wear ensembles! 

Way One:

Click here for outfit details.


Way Two:

20150813_122227 20150813_122231 20150813_122249 20150813_122309 20150813_122258 20150813_122321 20150813_122350 20150813_122337 20150813_122233

Shirt: J.Crew (Birmingham, AL) | Skirt: Style (Bristol location) | Shoes: Johnston & Murphy, Outlet Shops of Grand River (Leeds, AL) | Hat: World Market (Birmingham, AL) | Necklace: BluKatDesign (Etsy)

Way Three:

20150813_123849 20150813_124809 20150813_124939 20150813_125014 20150813_130024_000 20150813_130024_009 20150813_130024_014 20150813_130055_002 20150813_130145_024 20150813_125038

Jacket: Urban Outfitters (Birmingham, AL) | Tee: J.Crew (Birmingham, AL) | Skirt: Style (Bristol location) | Cap: J.Crew (Birmingham, AL) | Sandals: Birkenstock, Mahoney’s (Johnson City, TN) | Earrings: BluKatDesign (Etsy)


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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