VIP Home: Boho-Glam Living Space

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Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

This week on VIP, we are embracing our inner Bohemian and glam-girl to create a fabulous design cocktail called Boho-glam *wink* It’s non-alcoholic, so…nobody panic *wink*

When I think about Bohemian style for the home, I think about rich hues, funky/elegant patterns, and mixed metals; and when I think about glam-girl style for the home, I think about bright colors, velvet/suede textures, and all things shiny. Given, mixing these two styles could go terribly wrong, BUT done correctly, it is a wonderful masterpiece that everyone will love! From my over-watching the Tom Cruise movie Cocktail, I assume mixing drinks works the same way *wink* GAH–Cocktail is such a great movie! It is definitely one of my favorites–just in case any of you were wondering. *wink* P.S. Tom Cruise is a total HOTTIE in that movie *wink* 

So, to kick off this week’s Boho-Glam theme, I want to share with y’all a Boho-Glam inspired living room space I created using Polyvore. I am sure I will end up creating a Pinterest board later, too *wink* So, let’s raise our glasses and prepare to be wowed by the following delicious, Boho-glam living space! *cheers*

Boho Glam Living Space

Shop the items in this design! Wow-za *wink*

Brass table lamp
$275 –

Magical Thinking diamond rug

Moroccan bedding

Surya bedding

Josie purple bedding

Mario Luca Giusti elephant candle
$69 –

Brown furniture

Floral wall art

Handmade furniture

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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