Beauty Tues: I Didn’t Choose the Curly Life, the Curly Life Chose Me


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to Beauty Tues.

My name is Abby Hathorn, and I was born with curly hair *whispers* Just in case it wasn’t obvious *wink* And for this week’s Beauty Tues, I am going to be opening up about how I didn’t choose the curly life, the curly life chose me *wink*

Growing up, I HATED my curls because I thought I was supposed to hate them because so many people (from classmates to relatives) had me believing that I would be prettier with straight hair. During my middle school years, I flat-ironed and flat-ironed my curls into submission until I finally fried my hair. After that hair debacle, my mom told me that I needed to learn how to embrace my curls. I ignored her advice–because I didn’t feel pretty with the kinks, and I wanted my peers and relatives to like me.


Over the years, I have learned to LOVE my curls. I honestly cannot see myself without them now; however, there are still times when I get down on myself because of the unintentionally hurtful things people say/questions they pose.

Stranger 1: Why don’t you straighten your hair more? It looks so good straight! 

Stranger 2: Oh, I bet your hair would look really good straightened–whenever you get it grown out.

Stranger 3: Do you have naturally curly hair? Oh…well, I don’t know how you do it! I would straighten it. 

Me: Uh…I like my curls…


I understand that it is a SHOCK to see me with straight hair because I so seldomly do it; however, it hurts a little when people question why I do not straighten my natural curls. Well….to answer the question…the biggest reason is because I am lazy. I am not going to spend an 1.5 to 2 hours to straighten my hair everyday + straightening it everyday is a really good way to burn up my hair…and I kind of like having hair haha If I were to straighten my hair every single day like people imply they would rather me do, then those same people would be asking me “why is your hair so frizzy?” *wink*

AND NO–I have not considered getting a Brazilian Blowout, and I am not interested in any sort of semi-permanent straightening serums. *talk to the hand*

So, I am proud to say that I am NATURALLY CURLY, and I am not afraid to flaunt it *wink* Days when my hair is big–I work it like I am big, blonde, and beautiful *cue Queen Latifah* And days when my hair is not-so-big–I embrace my inner boho-glam *wink* I didn’t choose the curly life, it chose me *hair flip*


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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