MAC Cosmetics Greenluxe Velux Pearlfusion Shadow | MUA Brtittney Moore


Makeup isn’t exactly my forté, and I always seem to struggle with trying something other than varying shades of brown and cream. I do the same look day-in and day-out, and to be honest…I have gotten bored with it. So, in search for something new and fabulous, I went to my friend Brittney Moore, who is a MUA at MAC cosmetics, for some professional makeup help. Bless! I need all the help I can get *wink* 

Brittney and the VIP chatting about lipstick hues.
Brittney and the VIP chatting about lipstick hues.

A little backstory–Brittney and I became friends through the Mass Communications department at Northeast State, and everyday in the media lab, I would have fits over Brittney’s #flawless makeup looks–asking question after question about products, application, and general makeup tips. She was always super sweet and answered all my questions, and I knew I had to have her doll me up!


While chatting makeup with Brittney at MAC in Belk in the Johnson City Mall, I stumbled upon the MAC Greenluxe Velux Pearlfusion Shadow palette and fell head-over-heels! Who knew the VIP could love makeup that wasn’t nude?! *wink*


The “green-ish” hues were definitely a step outside of my “skin-tone” comfort zone; however, with Brittney’s help, I discovered I don’t have to live such a boring life with my makeup–even though I am not a trained MUA.

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Brittney gave me tips about which colors went where on the lid, how to apply, certain brushes to use, and the list goes on and on. After a short and sweet makeover, I left MAC being able to repeat exactly what Brittney had done. GOODNESS! Don’t you just love it when you can replicate your makeup or hair after leaving an appointment *happy dance*

Check out the amazing before and after look below:


HUGE and special thank you to my dear friend Brittney for playing with my makeup for this week’s Beauty Tues. If you’re in the Johnson City area, stop by the MAC station at Belk in the Johnson City Mall and ask for Brittney! She is THE best and the most #flawless *wink*

P.S. Big congrats to Brittney for graduating with her Public Relations degree this December from Northeast State. She will be continuing her education at ETSU in the spring.


The products to create the look:

  • Greenluxe Velux Pearlfusion Shadow (shop it)
  • Satin Del Rio lipstick (shop it)
  • Technakohl Liner in Risqué (shop it)


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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