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Okay–so, remember on this week’s Weekly Whistle when I told y’all to come back Friday to find out where I got those fabulous stack bracelets? Well…it’s Friday…and here we are…so, *drum roll*


BlueGrits, my Etsy shop, will carry handmade stretch, stacking bracelets of all styles–from boho glam to beach ready *wink*


Right now, I only have five listings up; however, I have LOTS of bracelets made *gasp* AND I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE THEM ALL WITH YOU GUYS! Cool news is not only will I be listing the items for purchase, but I will also be showing them off on the blog with outfits + how-to wear posts. Woo! 

In my spare time this week, I have been cranking out one-of-a-kind bracelets + shopping for unique beads locally at Gems & Whims. AH--Gems & Whims is seriously a beaded dream...I was so overwhelmed with the options, and I cannot wait to go back soon to stock up on some more fun stuff *wink*
In my spare time this week, I have been cranking out one-of-a-kind bracelets + shopping for unique beads locally at Gems & Whims. AH–Gems & Whims is seriously a beaded dream…I was so overwhelmed with the options, and I cannot wait to go back soon to stock up on some more fun stuff! ALSO…notice the Diet Dr. Pepper–it is my creative fuel *wink* Girl’s gotta have her caffeine.

SO…why? Why on God’s green earth did I decide to open shop while managing two blogs, freelance writing and attending college full-time? Good question. 


Success is a lot like making a bracelet–it can only be achieved by adding one bead at a time. Once one bracelet is completed, another one is started and stacked creating a beautiful array of arm candy!

Growing up on a farm in Mississippi, I followed my Paw Riley around so much that he started calling me his little shadow. He taught me so much about passion, hard work, loving others and the importance of working with one’s hands. From hand-making wooden baby beds to creating beads from seeds, being Paw Riley’s shadow is one of my favorite beads on my bracelet.

When I was 16, I started the Vintage Inspired Passionista (VIP) blog in order to separate myself from the “normal teen” stereotype while writing about the things I loved–fashion, art and community. VIP opened up many doors for me (like working as the head fashion stylist for a local magazine, writing my own weekly newspaper column and interviewing celebs and fashion designers such as Ty Pennington and Betsey Johnson), and in just a few short years and over 1,000 blog posts later, my love of journalism and fashion has grown all because I had the courage to start my bracelet of success.

Wanting to share my love of handmade jewelry and celebrations of life’s successes–little and big–I decided to create BlueGrits. I am so blessed and excited to have this opportunity, and I hope you are excited to celebrate your successes with BlueGrits! I mean–come on…who doesn’t love a little arm candy celebration *wink*

Over the years, I have been adding bead after bead to my bracelet of success in order to motivate and inspire others. Through hard work and determination, I have realized that everyone has a string just waiting to be filled with beautiful beads to show off his/her successes.


And the title? Why BlueGrits? Is that even a real thing? Good question and mhmm they’re quite delicious *wink*

Being raised in Mississippi, my taste buds are no stranger to grits–stovetop grits, microwave grits, yellow grits, and even blue grits *wink* Grits are one my favorite foods ever (that I can still eat with my Celiac Disease), and they make me feel so nostalgic because just the aroma brings back memories of sitting in my grandparents’ kitchen with my Paw Riley while over-buttering and over-salting my microwave Quaker grits *wink*

With the name of my shop, I wanted to stay true to my Southern roots while also modernizing them–just like I do with my blog outfits. BlueGrits is all about being classy while adding a modern twist to traditions. As I always tell my family members who fuss about my wearing too many strands of pearls at one time–why should I only wear one when they are all fabulous? AND that is why all BlueGrits bracelets are made to be easily stacked and mixed-and-matched as the buyer’s heart desires. 

ALSO, BlueGrits bracelets can easily be worn with other arm candy pieces. Personally, I wear my BlueGrits pieces with goodies from other Etsy shops like BluKatDesign and Beadsoul. You should totally check out their shops, too *wink*

IMG_0786Now, without further ado…

Let’s shop! Please click here to take a gander at my Etsy shop. There are only a few listings avaliable for purchase at this time; however, if you fall head-over-heels for one purchase away! :) 

Please send comments about BlueGrits here + stay tuned to the blog for a special Grand Opening promo coming soon!

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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