Growing Up with Curly Hair | #CurlyProbs

Growing up with Curly Hair

Growing up with naturally curly hair has been a real struggle. From constantly being questioned about why I don’t just straighten it or get a blowout to hearing “compliments” like Oh! You look so much prettier with your hair straightened! Gee…thanks…I enjoyed burning my hair for 2 hours to get it to look like this until I walk outside…Wait?!? Where was I? I have no idea where I was going with that! But this I do know, #CurlyProbs *wink*

Over the years, I have asked myself over and over again why it seems like having naturally curly hair isn’t “acceptable,” but people with straight hair who do anything (perms, curling iron, Pinterest hacks) to get curly hair is acceptable? Is my natural frizz and natural chronic bedhead too much for society to handle? Oh–right…I should just straighten it. My bad. 

On the flip side of my hair looking like the pre-makeover hair of Mia in Princess Diaries, I LOVE my curls! Sure–I don’t like battling the frizz on rainy days or dealing with the struggle of brushing it, but that doesn’t mean I am going to abandon my natural curls. I feel like the biggest reason so many people with naturally curly hair ditch their curls is because no one is talking about the wide variety of products out there! No one is talking about how every girl’s curls are her own…and have a mind of their own! No one is telling curly heads that over the years their curls will change and develop a new “attitude” which means they might have to find new styling products. Ahh…like I said y’all, the #CurlyProbs are too real *wink*

NOW–because no one is really talking about living with natural curls + the best products for different types of natural curls, over the month of January, I am going to be spilling the beans about all of my curly hair secrets. One of my Etsy friends, Sincerely Yours by Tracy, inspired me to write this VIP Mini Series after she messaged me about how I tame and style my crazy ‘do *wink*

SO, stay tuned every Tuesday of this month for some awesome curly hair tips, tricks, products, and even step-by-step tutorials to help you fall head-over-heels for your natural curls–even if you have had a blowout or a love affair with your straightener *wink*



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