Three Fashionable Snow Day Outfits


Last week, I experienced more snow than I have in my entire life! *gasp* Nine inches of snow–give or take a few–had me cuddled up inside + begging to take photos outside *wink* 

Even though inches and inches of snow were a big deal for this Mississippi-raised girl, there were parts of Virginia (not far from here) that got three feet of snow…let that sink in…THREE FEET! AHH! I wouldn’t know how to emotionally handle that!!

Now, because the snow still hasn’t gone away *wink*, let’s take a look at three fabulous snow day outfits and try to warm up to the cold weather outside *wink*

Outfit 1:

IMG_1337 IMG_1343 IMG_1349 IMG_1346 IMG_1341 IMG_1345

Sweater: GAP

Skirt: Target

Tights: Target

Heels: Target

Hat: Target

Earrings: Avon

Outfit 2:

IMG_1354 IMG_1355 IMG_1357 IMG_1360 IMG_1365 IMG_1366 IMG_1370 IMG_1375 IMG_1377 IMG_1379 IMG_1381 IMG_1383

Turtleneck: GAP

Plaid Shirt: GAP

Vest: The Northface

Jeans: GAP

Boots: Keen, Mahoney’s (Johnson City, TN)

Hat: handmade, Lather & Stitch

Outfit 3: throwback!

Last year’s snow storm has NOTHING on this year’s accumulation *wink* Check out my daring (and very chilly) photo shoot in the snow last year below.

Click here for outfit details.


My expression when I realized how big the snowflakes were! Check out the close up image below!
My expression when I realized how big the snowflakes were! Check out the close up image below!
This image emphasizes just how amazing our God and His creations are! I am totally in awe–it’s so beautiful!

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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