Letter From the Editor: Where I Get My 80s Inspiration


Over the past few weeks, I have gotten several emails about my 80’s style outfits + where I get my inspiration for creating such ensembles. So, for this week’s Letter From the Editor, I am going simply show y’all, VIP readers, where I get my vintage vibes *wink* So, let’s hop in our time machine and take a blast to the past! Hit it DJ!

SAVED BY THE BELL! Ahh–I cannot express enough how much the wardrobe, especially that of Lisa, has inspired me not only with my blog, but also my everyday outfits!

AHHH! MADONNA! One of the major queens of the 1980s! Such a style and music icon! Nothing beats getting dressed in the mornings to the Madonna Pandora station *wink*
Oh…my goodness!–Joan Jett is like my spirit animal! One day…I hope I can meet such a fabulous rock n’ roll and fashion inspiration!
Pretty in Pink was one of the first 80s movies I saw, and it still has a special place in my heart…and closet *wink*
And…Molly Ringwald inspires me again in Sixteen Candles. I meen…who wouldn’t want to sit on a table wearing an ugly bridesmaid dress with a hot guy like Jake Ryan! *faints*
Music and movies aside, I am also inspired by magazine covers from the 1980s. I mean–come on! Look at Brooke Shields and her killer brow game!


Now, I am off to jam out to some Joan Jett on vinyl while dancing around my room in neon pink heels using my hairbrush as a microphone *wink* I’ll probably binge watch 80s movies on Netflix later…all night long…gonna rock the movies all night long *cue Lionel Richie*

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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