Three Ways to Wear: The VIP’s Favorite Emerald Outfits


Oh, readers–emerald is one of my favorite colors, and in celebration of the VIP’s 4th anniversary month, I am taking a blast back in time to find the best of the best outfits! 

Yesterday, I talked about rust and emerald because of the InStyle Color Crash course for February. If you missed the throwback outfits, click here to see how rust and emerald have always been my color sweethearts *wink*

Now, for this week’s Three Ways to Wear Thursday, I decided to hop in my time machine to find my favorite emerald outfits. With all the bitter cold and nasty ice/snow, I feel the need to cheer up with happy colors and fab outfits *wink* So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these throwback outfits. 

Outfit 1: 2012

Two Gallons of Gas, a Coca Cola, and Polyester


Click here to read all about this fabulous post that also has some fun fashion history!

Outfit 2: 2014

J.Crew Challenge | Soak Up the Sun


This fabulous outfit was featured in my second J.Crew Challenge series where I took about a dozen pieces and created 30+ different outfits using those pieces. Check out the outfit here + read other posts from the series here

Outfit 3: 2015

Lovely Lemon + Excellent Emerald

img_9783 (1)

AHH! This outfit is SO colorful, and it’s definitely brightening my spirits! Goodness…I cannot wait for spring and spring colors! Click here to check out this outfit from 2015.


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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