Bright vs Neutral | Floral Edition


One thing I’ve noticed in the spring fashion magazines is the opposite extremes with color–bright and feminine or neutral and boho. So, that got me to thinking about a reader’s choice post I did several years ago called “Bright vs Neutral” where I asked readers to vote on their favorite. Well…I decided to bring it back for a special FLORAL EDITION on this week’s Weekly Whistle! *happy dance*

By only switching out jewelry and dresses, I want to show y’all just how big of a difference colors make in our wardrobes. Depending on what style you’re wanting to achieve, colors or neutrals can work WONDERS.

So, now, it is time for you to decide which one will swoon you *wink* Take a look at the outfits below and comment on Facebook, send me a tweet, or comment on this post. The winning outfit will be posted on the VIP Facebook page this Friday.


IMG_2107 IMG_2099 IMG_2097 IMG_2100

Dress: Shellz (Jonesborough, Tenn.)

Sandals: DSW

Necklace: BluKatDesign

Leather/Copper Bracelet: Beadsoul


IMG_2110 IMG_2116 IMG_2128 IMG_2123 IMG_2121

Dress: Shellz (Jonesborough, Tenn.)

Necklace: Lucy Lockets

Sandals: DSW

Leather/Copper Bracelet: Beadsoul


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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