Letter From the Editor: Meeting Amanda Valentine


Phew…thank goodness it is Friday! This week has been super hectic; however, some pretty amazing things have come from it *wink* For example…I met fashion designer Amanda Valentine from Project Runway whose brother just so happens to be the lead guitarist for Maroon 5! I am fan-girling right now on SO MANY LEVELS *scream*


If you were looking for the VIP yesterday, I was attending an empowering women dinner at Portico in downtown Johnson City with the Bank of Tennessee where Amanda Valentine spoke on the importance of looking at your success differently, embracing your inner weirdo, and how we should all aspire to “work hard and be nice.”


Amanda also talked about being a teenager in the 90s, and how she will forever be a little grunge at heart–I can completely relate *wink* After her speech, we chatted about how much we both love leopard, studded shoes, rock n’ roll, Project Runway, and even my interviews with fashion designer Ken Laurence. Amanda Valentine is such a down-to-Earth, strong, go-getter of a woman, and I am so honored to have gotten to meet her + hear her story.

“I am all about a wearable style because fashion is an art everyone should enjoy,” explained Valentine.  


Now…I am off to work on the blogs for next week + a script for a video package I am doing for my broadcasting class on the Warrior’s Canvas in downtown Johnson City. Stay tuned to social media for some fun updates of my crazy weekend *wink* 

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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