Special Announcement | Fabulous Changes Coming to VIP


OMG! Can you believe it’s Monday already?! Goodness gracious–where did the weekend go? *cue The Mamas & The Papas*

Now that we have some jams to jam to, the VIP has some special and fabulous announcements to make!

Because all of us at VIP are passionate about our fans and value their requests, below you will find the new blog schedule + the little-big changes coming to both VIP and VIP Blue. 

So, hold on to your socks, ladies and gentlemen! Let’s get this announcement party started! *throws glitter confetti*


Mix-It Monday: This special Instagram segment will be ALL ABOUT mixing patterns. From clothes to home decor, this awesome social media promo will be all that jazz…and more! *wink* #VIPMixItMonday

Beauty Tues: To broaden the fun opportunities, Beauty Tues will be moving to Instagram. Now, there will be awesome videos and GIFs + even more quick beauty tips! #VIPBeautyTues

Weekly Whistle: Nothing with the Weekly Whistle blog post will change; however, for a look at how accessories really do make all the difference, a second Weekly Whistle outfit will be posted to the VIP Instagram. #VIPWeeklyWhistle

Three Ways to Wear: Much like Weekly Whistle, not much will change with the TWTWT blog post; however, the third outfit will be posted to IG. SO, be sure to follow the VIP @AbbyHathorn #ThreeWaysToWear

On top of the schedule changes to VIP, I will be posting to VIP Blue at least one a week with behind-the-scenes content about photo shoots, school, and the whole nine yards! Yep–that’s right! Y’all asked for more personal content, and that’s what will be found on the ever-so-awesome VIP Blue Edition.

Also, be sure to stay tuned to the VIP Blue website tomorrow for an update to the look + about page! WOO! Time to pull an all-nighter editing the website *wink*

OPEN THE DOORS! The VIP is excited about all the new, fun stuff!
OPEN THE DOORS! The VIP is excited about all the new, fun stuff!

Be sure to like/follow the social medias below so you don’t miss out on all the fabulousness!

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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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