Weekly Whistle: Mixing Florals


If there is one thing I love more than skirts and red lipstick, it’s definitely florals. Now, sure–I love a fresh bouquet of flowers every now and again or a floral-inspired perfume; however, I am talking about floral fashions. It doesn’t matter if it’s vintage or brand new, this chick LOVES florals…especially mixing them *wink* Say what?! Let me explain…

I have been reading a lot of articles on fall fashion–gearing up for an upcoming feature piece I am writing for Lakeside Living October 2016–and one trend I am happy is in the books for the upcoming season is floral. Now, I always love to put a little twist on things *wink* So, for this week’s outfit of the week (and because it is still blazing hot here in the South), I have decided to blend summer with pre-autumn for a super adorable mixing-florals ensemble.

Check it out below + see other ways to wear florals for pre-fall here.

ALSO…stay tuned for updates about the fall fashion piece I am writing for Lakeside Living *wink*

IMG_3476 IMG_3474 IMG_3467

Blouse: The Loft

Shorts: Urban Outfitters

Earrings: Avon

Bracelet: gift

Heels: Michael Kors, BelkIMG_3466

Want to rock the double buns? Then check out the VIP’s Instagram video below + follow @AbbyHathorn on Instagram for more fun videos, outfit inspiration, and peeks inside my life!


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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