Weekly Whistle: Taking Care of Business | Sundress and Blazer


With autumn coming at us full-speed, I cannot help but think about how to get more wear out of my sundresses. I feel like they got a little neglected over the summer because I was so busy wearing other summery frocks, so they deserve a little bit more attention now *wink*

So, for this week’s Weekly Whistle, I am going to show y’all just how easy it is to transform your favorite sundress into an autumn DREAM! For this outfit, I simply accessorized with a teal blazer, a maroon statement necklace, and a lovely pair of leather boots.

Now, without further ado, let’s take care of business and look at this week’s Weekly Whistle outfit *wink*

img_3803 img_3805 img_3806 img_3808 img_3819 img_3813 img_3809 img_3810 img_3823 img_3821 img_3820 img_3824 img_3825 img_3826 img_3817

Blazer: J.Crew

Sundress: Old Navy

Heels: Bedstu, The Gypsy Spur

Necklace: personal collection


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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