Three Ways to Wear Thursday: Burgundy for Fall + Throwbacks

img_0081With fall fashion comes darker hues; however, one color stands out in my mind as a staple–burgundy! 

It is such a rich color with a sassy-yet-classy personality that I cannot help but wear it year-to-year. So, for this week’s Three Ways to Wear Thursday, I am going to show y’all 3 fabulous ways to wear burgundy with some epic throwbacks. Who’s ready?! *wink*

Way One: Maxi Dress

There are countless ways to incorporate burgundy into your fall wardrobe, but why not do it head-to-toe with a maxi dress *wink*

img_0058 img_0055

Dress: Charming Charlie

Sandals: Born, DSW

Way Two: Leather Love

A few years ago during my time as the Grand Haul Girl for the Outlet Shoppes of Grand River, I got the most fabulous burgundy leather jacket. Even though that was about two years ago, I still sport it any chance I get because it is a twist on the normal black leather jacket. 

img_6577 img_6574

Click here to see the outfit details.

Way Three: Boho n’ Boots

Oh, boho + boots = my ♥ I love to mix bohemian elements with harsher elements like leather because it creates a beautiful juxtaposition that just screams fall!

img_0087 img_0100

Click here to see the outfit details.


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


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