Since the first post in February 2012, Vintage Inspired Passionista has been a huge part of my life. Even before the blog, the idea of “being inspired by all things vintage” was in my soul as I played dress up in my mom’s closet. Now, on my 21st birthday, I look back at the 16-year-old me who started VIP almost 5 years ago, and I cannot help but want to get back to the passions that motivated me in the first place.


A lot has happened in 5 years. I have moved 3 times, graduated from high school, started and graduated from community college, started a B.A. program at Emory & Henry College, interviewed people like Ty Pennington and Betsey Johnson, taken thousands of photos, written over 500 newspaper articles, styled fashion spreads and advertisements for local magazines, was the lead role in an independent film, was a lead actress in a theatre production, and posted over 1,000 blog articles. Phew! I am getting exhausted just thinking about it all; however, it has all been a wonderful blessing that has pushed me towards a bigger and ever-evolving dream.

From working with Versona in Bristol, Tennessee on fall fashion, 2016.

Photo from working with Versona in Bristol, Tennessee for their fall fashion lookbook.

 There have been a lot of times in my (almost) five-year journey with VIP (and even in my life outside the blog) where I have lost track of my mission, my goal, MY dream because I was so focused on the stats, following the trends, and trying to please everyone else. So, what is a girl to do when she is overwhelmed? She goes back to her roots.

I know my roots, and I cannot forget the journey I made.

Maria Sharapova

So, in celebration of my 21st birthday, I am bringing VIP back to it’s vintage-inspired roots…what made it VIP in the first place! Vintage Inspired Passionista is a sprightly guidebook for the fashionably-geared and artfully-minded originals. Providing a refreshing place for fusing a vintage passion with a modern lifestyle, VIP covers fashion with a focus on the arts. The VIP original’s closet is full of color, pattern, and, of course, great shoes.


So what happens now?

Good question! Not much is going to change on the blog–so don’t panic! With my school schedule, posts will now be on Saturdays, and the content will be more awesome, fashionable and artful! In order to let my VIP originals know what’s going on, there will be more activity on social media throughout the week. Be sure to follow VIP on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so you don’t miss out on any of the updates!

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New logo for Vintage Inspired Passionista designed by yours truly based on 1950s advertisements and modern design.

New logo for Vintage Inspired Passionista inspired by 1950s advertisements and designed by yours truly.


Now, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you readers and supporters–whether you’re new to VIP or a patron, I couldn’t continue this journey without all of your love and support. There are no words to describe how wonderful it is not only having the blog in my life, but also all of the VIP originals ♥ *clinks glass* Cheers to being 21 and bringing back vintage vibes! 

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


One thought on “Cheers to Being 21 & Bringing Back Vintage Vibes

  1. Happy Birthday! It has been fun to watch you grow over the past 5 years! I can’t wait to see what you do next!

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