It is a brand new year, and I have many resolutions I would like to make. I want to get in better shape so that I can feel better about myself, I want to give up Coke (here, in the South, that includes any and all soda *wink*), I want to work harder at making my dreams come true, and so on and so forth *wink* But with that list comes holding myself accountable, and whether it be weight-loss or managing  my schedule, it is all hard to do.


2016 was a crazy year. I graduated from Northeast State Community College as the Outstanding Mass Communications Student of the year as well as a Top 5 Finalist for Outstanding Student. I started my B.A. in Mass Comm at Emory & Henry College. I made the collegiate dance team. I became a student ambassador and tour guide. I joined the American Advertising Federation student chapter. I did the weekly news for EHC-TV on campus. I turned 21. The independent movie in which I starred at 17/18 premiered. I didn’t sleep much. I let the blog slack. I let myself get defeated by the perils of everyday life. And you know what *deep breath* that’s okay because it is a new year!

I am not going to say the cliche of “new year, new me” because it is not a new me–I don’t want to change who I am in 2017. I simply want to be a BETTER me. I want to stop letting my responsibilities in life overwhelm me to the point I stop enjoying the things I love the most.

The only way to binge watch Oprah and soul search is by wearing pajamas, duck slippers, and eating breakfast casserole for all three meals of the day.

The only way to binge watch Oprah and soul search is by wearing pajamas, duck slippers, and eating breakfast casserole for all three meals of the day.

During a soul-searching exhibition over the Christmas break, I was binge watching a marathon of Oprah’s Where Are They Now? when I realized something amazing. VIP has been a part of my life for almost five years now, and somewhere along the way, the rhythm of blogging and photo shoots and website management started to feel like a job. In the midst of all of the stress of running VIP, trying to stay active on social media, and keeping my grades up, I lost sight of the right-here-right-now. I got so caught up in making my five year plan that I stopped living each day as a blessing.

I was stressing myself out over things that will not happen until several years down the road. Now, don’t get me wrong–it is fantastic to be excited and hopeful for the future; however, you cannot let it run your life because that’s what I was doing. I was letting my future plans drag down my current life. Oprah wouldn’t approve *wink* I realized I was letting my life five, ten, fifteen years from now distract me from the little things I enjoy so much. *Aha! Moment*


What are your resolutions for 2017? Let’s get the conversation started!

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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

One thought on “How My 5 Year Plan Made Me Lose Joy for Every-Day Little Things

  1. Happy New Year Abby,
    What a honest, heartfelt post! It is amazing what you accomplish. I think you are smart for being able to acknowledge such important things at your age. Wishing you success and sanity for 2017! Myself I need to be more focused on the goal setting! I seem to focus on “what I have to get done today”, knowing that’s not a very good plan! Congrats on your wonderful and cool 2016! Everything is just where it is supposed to be:)

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