WoWzA! Can you believe it has been FIVE YEARS? Man…five years. That’s a long time… *stares off into the distance* It’s kind of amazing what can happen in five years…

VIP is turning the big FIVE, and I do not want to let five years of hard work and dedication go to waste. The blog only turns five once, and after over 1,000 posts…I think that is something to dance about *happy dance* SO, let’s celebrate the past and plan for great things in the future!


Since I moved into a dorm at Emory & Henry College about a year ago, I have struggled with juggling school work, blog work, and other responsibilities. I am not going to make any excuses or try to apologize; however, what I will do is make a change. 

At sixteen, I started VIP with the dream of creating a better view of teenagers through fashion, fun and community. To freshen our memory, click here and here to read how it all started *wink* 

Now, as I sit here writing this post as a successful (and slightly stressed out *wink*) twenty-one year old college student, I have bigger and different dreams.


After everything I have seen in the news and all the rants I have read on Facebook, I believe there is only one thing I can do as a young, proud, independent, woman–show just how powerful women are. We women have loud voices that will be heard through our beautiful confidence and drive for education–we don’t need Facebook rants to tell the world how amazing we are.


As I said a while back, I am wanting to get back to my vintage roots, and I also want to talk about the power of being a classy woman who dresses with pride and confidence. A woman who uses her sass and class to show the world just how amazing she is–to show the world we don’t have to yell to be heard. We simply must SHOW everyone our power by growing our knowledge, our confidence, and our friendships with other great women. 

So, VIP originals, this is our time to shine. In celebration of the VIP’s 5 year blogiversary, let’s throw glitter around like confetti, break the glass ceiling, sport great outfits, and talk with class *fist in air*


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

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