3 Life Lessons on Rediscovering Your Passion

Growing up sucks, am I right or am I right? We adult women are met with changes around every corner–our bodies, our careers, our interests, our friends, our diets. It’s like we are running the Boston Marathon, but like everyday. Exhausting, but also kind of cool to brag about.

It’s just a part of life, they tell you, BUT they never really tell you how often you will have to “find yourself” or rediscover your passions. The struggle is (often) really real. #ReallyReal They also never tell you how you have to start an anti-aging regimen at like 23 or how expensive good moisturizer is–BUT I digress.

The constant changes and evolution of true adulthood are intense whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a working girl, or a student. We are all met with challenges or disruptions to our detailed plans that make us say, “well, what the firetruck?” or “what do I do now?” And this is what makes us question our passions or what we even like doing. So, here’s three life lessons on rediscovering your passion, and how I learned these lessons myself.

“Just because your life changes doesn’t mean that your deepest passions have to.” – Shannon Miller

Over the past few years, I have taken an obvious break from blogging. College was stressful, and I totally lost myself in the drama, fun, and all-nighters. When I realized I didn’t like what I was studying anymore, I felt like I had wasted precious time adapting my whole portfolio for nothing. Super bummed, I started applying for graduate schools to get other experience to help my career. I got accepted with a full-paid scholarship and teaching assistant position. I thought I was finally back on track for finding my passion.

The fall after graduation, I started what I thought was going to be my “next big thing.” I stayed in graduate school for a majority of the semester, but I was miserable.

So, I dropped out.

I had never quit anything in my entire life. GASP. Like what? What do I now? That’s where I learned my first lesson in rediscovering my passion.

Lesson 1: Just jump and don’t look back.

Sometimes in life, we have to take a leap of faith when we are unhappy. We just have to make sure we have a back-up plan, you know to financially support ourselves because, well–bills. Removing things that make us unhappy or removing ourselves from situations that make us feel unhappy are the first big steps in rediscovering who we are and what gets us going in the morning.

Before dropping out, I went on an extensive job hunt. I wasn’t going to just quit without a “sign” I could be successful without my master’s degree or without a job to support myself. Luckily, I landed a marketing job as an influencer specialist for pharmaceutical skincare company. I planned an influencer event in Santa Monica to announce a brand partnership with Sesame Street, I collabed with a variety of influencers, and worked on a number of social media projects. I even met two of my best friends there and got to travel to places I had never been. At first, I seriously loved my job, but I soon realized the work environment was toxic for me. It wasn’t a place I could grow my talents and truly use my creative energy. *refer back to lesson 1*

So, I put in my notice, and on my last day, I jumped out of a plane. Like for real. And that’s where I learned my second lesson in rediscovering my passion.

Lesson 2: Life is a lot like skydiving.

We get so nervous about making a plan and focusing on the “what ifs” that we often miss out on the beautiful views and adrenaline rush of just being ourselves and enjoying the ride. It’s important to allow ourselves to be free and to enjoy more because it increases our happiness, which in return helps us find or hone in on our true passions–be it writing, knitting, social media, painting, fashion, or even becoming a professional skydiver. A side hustle or dream can never be the real thing if we don’t first jump (lesson 1) and enjoy more / worry less (lesson 2).

I definitely don’t claim to be an expert on life, that’s for sure–but I like to think that we can all learn something from our failed experiences or negative situations. Like this one time, I dated this guy in college who told me “all that glitters is not gold” when it came to my big aspirations for my career and my life. #rude

I am a workaholic and dream-chaser at heart, so I never understood why my being so driven was so upsetting to him (and many others I’ve crossed paths with)…..But because I was young and dumb, I slowed my pace and changed my dreams as not to upset him. And…..after we broke up, that’s when I learned the third lesson in rediscovering my passion

Lesson 3: NEVER (like ever) dull the sparkle of who you are for someone.

Our passions and our dreams are what fundamentally make us who we are, so we shouldn’t destroy that special sparkle for anyone! Even if they say they love you and try to swoon you, anyone who truly loves you will support you, your passions, and wildest pike dreams. They will love how you glitter. Giving up on ourselves and passions not only causes unhappiness within us, but it also causes resentment and chaos in relationships. I should have listened to my mom when she told me this years ago (sorry, Mom). So, in the words of my mom–be bold, mix patterns, dream big, be you, and the rest will fall into place.

I started this blog as a misfit teen with a dream and a passion, and I continue it now as a misfit adult with the same dream and passion. It just took me a little while to find that spark again. So, with the love and support of each one of you, I am bringing back Vintage Inspired Passionista.

I am confident to say I have found my way back around to the passions I once held so close to my heart years ago: writing, fashion, and all things vintage. Little sixteen year-old me who would be happy to see VIP being revived and restored.

For those who have followed from the beginning, thank you for your loyalty and compassion. And for those who are just joining, thank you for believing in my sparkle ✨


4 thoughts on “3 Life Lessons on Rediscovering Your Passion

  1. Good for you Abby. Life is a journey. There are so many seasons in life where you say, “I would have never expected to be HERE 5 years ago”! I believe it takes all those little or big things to make you who you are, and nothing is a mistake. You’ve always been the sweetest person. I’m glad to hear you’re doing what you love.

  2. Good for you, Abby! I love your transparency & self-confidence to be able to share your journey, including the paths that turned out to be short-lived. So many people see those as “mistakes” rather than important parts of refining, directing, clarifying, growing. Many are also too proud (or lack the self confidence) to say, “You were right,” & to actually appreciate guidance from those who care about them. You go, Girl! Keep pursuing your passions! ❤

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