Leopard + Gingham | How to Mix Trendy Patterns

Leopard + Gingham are an unlikely duo. Mixing these patterns creates a trendy, but unique vibe that’s fabulous for the workplace or date night. The trick to rocking this mixed-pattern look is matching tones. The earthy hues of the leopard pants pair so perfectly with the pale yellow and creme of this precious, vintage-inspired blouse.

The power of clothes is magical. There are so many options and so many different ways to wear that it’s almost impossible not to find something that brings you a smile. For me, that crazy, incredible, magical spark comes from mixing patterns. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking you “don’t have the confidence” or you’re not “stylish enough” to mix patterns. Oh, bullfrog! Your style is YOUR STYLE for a reason *wink* Mix those patterns, wear those bright colors, buy those shoes–and, of course, be your fabulous self!

BUT…when looking to mix patterns, the first thing to think about is how the colors of the pieces work together. I always like to think of a new outfit like a blank canvas–there is so much room for possibility and creativity! But…that all starts with what color or style you’re craving. With this ensemble, I was obviously feeling sassy and yellow. *wink* Shop the look below!

Blouse: Molly Green | Pants: Old Navy (linked a close second) | Shoes: DVF (linked 3 close options) | Bracelet: Beauty In Stone


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