Lucky 13: Upgrade Your Slouchy Shorts

Want to get a few more miles out of your favorite pair of slouchy shorts? Upgrade them with a pretty graphic tee and shimmery gold necklace. With the perfect pair of flats, this outfit will have you dashing for the airport shuttle bus in comfy style. Shirt: The Loft, The Outlet Shops of Grand River Shorts: Gap, […]

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30 Day J.Crew Challenge: One French Hen & a Pair of Dotted Shorts

Hello, my fabulouses! It is the second day of September…and I am here to release the next outfit of the 30 Day J.Crew Challenge! Whoo hoo! If you are just now joining me, and you are wondering what the 30 Day J.Crew Challenge is…please click here to visit yesterday’s post:) Okay, enough chit chat–let’s see […]

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VIP Accessories Challenge: Vintage High Waisted Shorts

This week we are going on an Accessories Challenge adventure together.  What is an Accessories Challenge, you ask?  Well, it is where the VIP (that’s me) takes one outfit and gives it three different looks by changing only a few accessories. Accessorizing involves more than putting on earrings, tossing on a necklace, and piling on […]

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