Vintage Inspired Passionista is a sprightly guidebook for the fashionably-geared and artfully-minded originals. Providing a refreshing place for fusing a vintage passion with a modern lifestyle, VIP covers fashion with a focus on the arts. 

The VIP original’s closet is full of color, pattern, and, of course, great shoes.

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Raised in a small town in Mississippi, Abby started chasing a career in media at sixteen when she created Vintage Inspired Passionista. By seventeen, she was running her website in conjunction with writing a fashion-based column for a local newspaper and was working as the head fashion stylist and contributor for a local magazine.  In an interview with Abby, See Jane Write Birmingham writer Javacia Harris Bowser stated, “Birmingham may have its own teen prodigy in the world of fashion blogging.

In addition to fashion styling and writing, this Southern Belle has interviewed celebrities and fashion designers such as Ty Pennington, Ahmed Hassan, Emily Ellyn, Matt MuensterHilton Hollis, Joeffer Caoc, Betsey Johnson, Rebecca MinkoffDonald J. Pliner, and Karolina Zmarlak–just to name a few. Abby also ventured into the world of film and theatre through lead roles in the independent film La Madame and the play With These Hands


“With These Hands” a play by Anne G’Fellers Mason for the Heritage Alliance of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.


How old was Abby when she first started blogging, writing, and styling? 

She was sixteen years old when she started VIP.  At age sixteen, she also began writing a weekly column for The Real Story (now Real Media) and building her fashion styling portfolio as the head fashion stylist for Town and Gown Magazine.

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Photography above by Divian Conner, Fashion/Photo Shoot Styling by Abby Hathorn

What is the inspiration behind Abby Hathorn’s blog? 

When Abby first started blogging, she realized she did not want to be Entangled By The Norm and wanted to use her God-given talents to showcase her passions. After a year of adventures, she realized there was a need for more positive coverage of community events–so, with cute heels on her feet and ambition in her heart, Abby set out to transform the thirty-second news clip into something more comprehensive and dazzling!

Why is the blog called “Vintage Inspired Passionista”? 

Abby has always been inspired by all things vintage–from clothes to cars and everything in between.


Will Abby continue blogging and what are her future plans?

Yes, she will continue blogging and has plans to expand VIP topics and coverage areas. In May 2016, Abby graduated with her Associate of Science degree in Broadcasting from Northeast State Community College, was the Outstanding Mass Communication Student of the Year, was one of the top 5 Outstanding Students of the Year (out of aprox. 6,000 students), and was the recipient of the Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship.

Abby is currently a junior at Emory & Henry College pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication witha minor in Theatre/Dance. Abby is also the student news anchor for EHC-TV at Emory & Henry College, is the Communications Specialist for the American Advertising Federation EHC Student Chapter, is on the E&H Dance Team, is a Student Ambassador for the Blue & Gold Society, and is currently working on a radio show for WEHC 90.7. After graduating from Emory & Henry College with her B.A., Abby has plans on attending graduate school to further her education.

Is the VIP’s hair naturally curly, and what styling products does she use? 

Yes, Abby’s hair is naturally curly. To learn more about her hair routine and what products she uses, please check out the blog post here.

Occasionally, Abby's furbaby, Ziva, pops up on a blog post or her social media. Ziva (nicknamed Z) is a black and silver Giant Schnauzer who enjoys chewing up Abby's clothes hangers, not cooperating in photos, and cuddling with her stuffed animals.

Occasionally, Abby’s furbaby, Ziva, pops up on a blog post or her social media. Ziva (nicknamed Z) is a black and silver Giant Schnauzer who enjoys chewing up Abby’s clothes hangers, not cooperating in photos, and cuddling with her stuffed animals.

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  1. beadsoul says:

    Love your new bio, Abby! How exciting to see all of your accomplishments in one place like this :)

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