18 Days of Grand Haul: Reader’s Choice

Hello, my fabulouses! It is time for y’all, the VIP readers, to vote for YOUR favorite 18 Days of Grand Haul outfit! On this blog are the top three outfits of the series…So, let’s stop the chatting and get to voting, my lovelies! Stay tuned tomorrow for some more fun and fabulous #OOTDs! Yay! More [...]

18 Days of Grand Haul: Wear It As a Shawl

Hello, my fabulouses!  Today has been a super fun and adventurous day for the VIP as I had a photo shoot for the movie poster...afterwards, I got pampered at the Cos-Medi Center in Columbus, Mississippi with a fabulous facial! Special thanks to Hollie Blair Lampkin for always making my skin feel fresh and fabulous! :) Phew! I am [...]

18 Days of Grand Haul: Layer Up for Fall Weather

Hello, fabulouses! Here in the South, fall weather can be a bit tricky. One day it might be 70 degrees and the next it might be 24. Because of the extremes, layering plays a huge role in staying cute, comfy, and cozy. To add a bit of warm cuteness to yesterday's look, simply toss on a baby soft, [...]

18 Days of Grand Haul: For the Love of Hoodies

Hello, my fabulouses! Today's Grand Haul look focuses on how a fresh, light-weight hoodie can change the whole style of an outfit. Oh, how the VIP adores hoodies! To take yesterday's outfit to the next level of cozy, toss off the scarf and slip on a snazzy blue Aeropostale hoodie for an outfit that is fabulous [...]