Beauty Tues: Drugstore Finds | Shiny Locks on a Budget


Have you ever looked at your hair in the mornings and wonder, “Why don’t I have sultry, smooth, shiny hair like all the models on shampoo commercials?” Even though we don’t have fans and a lighting team following us around 24/7, there is ONE THING we can do to give our hair that healthy glow we all desire.

SOO…..What is it? Hm…. well, it’s a “magical” product I got for UNDER TEN DOLLARS….and to my absolute surprise, it works wonders! It’s like the fairy godmother of hair! Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! *wink*


Typically, I am NOT a fan of using oils in my hair; however, I decided to give the coconut water weightless hydration oil from OGX a try. I mean, for essentially 8 bucks, I thought What could go wrong? 

Nothing. Nothing went wrong! *gasp* Before, I was using an expensive oil from the hair salon that often left my hair with a not-so-pleasant residue after a few days use. So, not only am I saving $$$ with this drugstore find, but I am also getting better results. *fist in air* SUCCESS! 


Now, not only does the coconut water weightless hydration oil benefit my natural curls, but it also makes my hair look superb straight! It helps to tame the baby fly-aways while adding a little shine. Woo! No words can describe how much I LOVE this product! Click here to shop it now.

ALSO, shoutout to my mom for going with me today to my student news anchor audition at Emory & Henry! :)
ALSO, shoutout to my mom for going with me today to my student news anchor audition at Emory & Henry College! :)

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Beauty Tues: The Golden Smokey Eye


With new, spring weather comes new, spring makeup, right?! Well, that’s always what I’ve heard *wink* While flipping through the May 2016 issue of InStyle magazine, I stumbled upon the gold shadow trend and fell head-over-heels! *happy dance* Trying new yet simple makeup is always BUNCHES of fun ♥ 

The golden smokey eye is a nice change from the everyday-nude + it adds a sassy pizazz that can take a girl from work to play without skipping a beat.


One thing that is absolutely wonderful about this trend is you do not have to be a professional makeup artist to pull it off + you can add your own sparkly twist *wink* 


Did I mention that fabulous celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are rocking the trend?!? So, why don’t we rock it too!

Here’s what the VIP used:

Base: My Two Cents by Benefit (applied with a damp eyeshadow brush)

Crease: Velux Pearlfusion Shadow by MAC

Liner: Starry Sky liquid liner by Sephora

Lashes: Lash Doubling Mascara by Clinique 



Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Beauty Tues: How-To Nail Blue Eye Shadow in One Simple Step


Blue is one of those colors I have always loved, but at the same time, it has always been one of those colors I’ve been afraid to wear on my eyes. Who’s with me?


As I have gotten older and learned (some) of the ways of the makeup world, I have had to remind myself that colored lids are okay–I have had to remind myself to get out of my earth-tone comfort zone every now and again for something more WOW and FABULOUS.

So, for this week’s Beauty Tues in celebration of the beautifully blue Spring skies, I am going to show y’all how-to nail blue eye makeup in one simple step.

Now, let’s hop to it! *hit it DJ!*

The VIP trick on nailing blue eyeshadow in 1 step:


Applying colored eye shadows with a damp brush (or use an eyeshadow stick like this one) makes the color stick to the lid + helps keep the hue strong. The trick to this little tip is to follow the crease of your eye (like in the photo above) and apply more “coats” of the dampened eyeshadow to strengthen the richness of the blue. All in all–playing with colors is all in the eye of the beholder–pun intended–and by following this easy step, you will nail the blue lids just like Elton John nailed that song *wink*
IMG_2077 IMG_2078

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Beauty Tues: The Best Products to Help You Get Ready for Spring


Oh, y’all! The weather over the past few days has been absolutely to-die-for! The warm sunshine has me all in the mood for SPRING! SPRING! SPRING!

Now, even though I am mentally ready for spring–I am not physically ready for spring *wink* What do I mean? Well, my hair, my nails, my toenails, and skin are NOT ready for humidity, open toe sandals, and shorts galore. *sigh* What’s a girl to do?! 

Well–butter me up and call me a biscuit because this blog post is the answer to (most) of your winter hair, nail and skin problems! For this week’s fabulous Beauty Tues, I am going to talk about five, budget-friendly, miracle products that will help all of us get ready for spring. So, without further ado, let’s hop to it!

1. At-home Mani

I am no nail expert, but I have learned tricks to making the most out of doing my nails at home. Usually, I get about two or three manicures a year. I would love to get one every month; however, that isn’t exactly logical for my schedule and budget *wink*

SO, for the months when making a nail appointment doesn’t work out, I go to this fabulous Fill The Gap Base Coat-Smoothing formula from Essie. It helps repair my nails even in their worse condition + this treatment helps to better my nails before going to the salon for a manicure.

2. Tip-toe Shape

Let’s face it…we probably all get a little self-conscious about our toes when going in for a manicure–I know I do! I always wonder what the nail artist will think about my nails, and this fabulous product Sally Hansen helps relieve some of that worry *wink*

Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser + Balm helps to gently remove unwanted cuticles while also supplying moisture, unlike a lot of cuticle removing products. This is one of my favorite products for winter-to-spring nail repair.

Note: This product can also be used on the fingernails.

3. Good-bye Flyaways and Frizz

With the prettier, spring weather comes more humidity, and let’s just say that my natural curls do not exactly like that shift *wink*

Over the years, I have tried many different anti-frizz products, and while many of them worked, NONE of them worked as well as the Bumble and bumble. hairdresser’s invisible oil! A lot of anti-frizz products cause hair to be dull and even appear slightly oily; however, that is not the case with the B&b hairdresser’s oil. It is a miracle product that I never thought I would fall head-over-heels for!

4. Soften-Up

I am the world’s worst when it comes to applying lotion throughout the day, so this Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Lotion is a lifesaver–or shall I say skin-saver! From razor burn to dry patches, this lotion takes my dull winter skin to moisturized spring-ready skin! Give it a try–I think you might like it *wink*

5. Pucker-Up Buttercup

There is no denying how rough winter weather is on our lips–the constant chapped lips and windburn really take a toll on the texture of our lips. This simple DIY lip scrub inexpensively removes all that dry skin + helps you get softer lips without even leaving your house! Check out the VIP video below.


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Beauty Tues: Blush Lips | March Lip Pick + VIP Lip Tips


Hello, March! It is so lovely to see you and your warmer weather and brighter days *wink*

“March came in that winter like the meekest and mildest of lambs, bringing days that were crisp and golden and tingling, each followed by a frosty pink twilight which gradually lost itself in an elfland of moonshine.”
― L.M. Montgomery

This month on VIP, I am embracing sweet, ladylike hues like blush and subtle blues/grays not only in my wardrobe, but also in my makeup. These colors truly complement the beginning of spring and the fun times to come!

So, for this week’s Beauty Tues, I decided to kick off the first day of March in blushing style *wink* But…there is a twist! Instead of going out and investing in a new lipstick, I decided to blend two different colors to create my own blush lips. See the products I used below + some tips on blending your own lipsticks.


Laura Geller NY Soho Nude, Iconic Baked Sculpting Lipstick

Guerlain Shine Automatique Lipstick, 240 Pamplelune

Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer

absolutely love blending my lipsticks to create one-of-a-kind colors; however, the process can be a little bit tricky. Through a lot of trial and error, I learned the ways of which hues + textures blend best. So, to save you from lots of lipstick removal troubles, here is a handy dandy VIP Lip Tips to help you get your lipstick blend on *wink*

VIP Lip Tips:

1. Before you put on your lipstick, prep with a primer. If you do not have a fancy lipstick primer (Trish McEvoy has one I LOVE!), you can use foundation primer or even foundation. All this does is help create a super smooth surface which will help tremendously in blending. Note–if you are trying to blend darker colors, I suggest applying a smidge of foundation to your lips. This will create a blank canvas, if you will, that will help the darker lipsticks stay true to their hue. 

2. Just like when picking out clothes, it is important to pick out lipsticks and compare them side by side to see if the shades “match” or “complement” each other well.

3. When blending darker shades with lighter shades, ALWAYS–and I mean ALWAYS–start with the darker colors first. Keep the dark colors true around the perimeter of your lips to create a stately outline then blend in the lighter color from there.

4. Keep in mind that you are not limited in how many lipsticks you can blend together at once. I have been known to blend 3 or 4 colors together to achieve a particular look. It is all about what fits your taste!

5. Personally, I prefer a matte lip; however, matte lipsticks are notorious for drying out my lips. So, you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon THIS new product from Smashbox that turns any lipstick into a matte finish without jeopardizing color or moisture. Click here to learn more about the product that I am head over heels for this month *wink*


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn