Beauty Tues: The Power of Minimum Makeup in 5 Easy Steps

Everywhere I look--fashion magazines, blogs, YouTube stars, strangers on the street--I see so many women making makeup way more complicated and difficult than it needs to be. If you remember, we chatted about this not to long ago on Beauty Tues. There are two extremes--you have those who love makeup and do cool, multi-step looks everyday, and [...]

I Love My Health More Than Fries | The Struggle of Losing Weight & Loving Your Body

So often, we hear about women struggling with body image issues. It's hard sometimes to look at celebrities (and even our "skinnier" friends) and think positively about our own bodies especially if we struggle with weight--whether that be five pounds or a hundred pounds. No--being skinny isn't a "requirement," and this post is not about [...]

VIP Beauty Journal | Doable Makeup For Every Day Even If You’re Running Late

Last week, I talked about how makeup is becoming so complicated with the crazy complex contouring and elaborate tutorials. I am getting stressed and exhausted again just thinking about it *wink* So, for this week's Beauty Tues, I am going to use a the fabulous VIP Beauty Journal to showcase some doable makeup for everyday--even if you're [...]

Beauty Tues | Why Are We Making Makeup So Complicated?!

Okay--so, confession time. How many of us really contour our faces? I'm not talking about a little bit of highlighter or under-eye concealer, I am talking full-fledged face contouring with all the different colors and brushes and blending tools and tutorials?  I see my friends on social media sharing "extreme makeup transformation" videos all the time, and [...]

Beauty Tues: Naturally Curly Hair Hacks | Short Curly Hair

Ah...natural curls. They are a blessing and a curse. Everyone tells you to straighten your curls while they are out getting perms or getting on Pinterest looking for curling iron hacks. So, don't listen to the critics and feel like you have to slick down your curls--let them breathe! Embrace the beautiful craziness of your [...]