Special Announcement | Fabulous Changes Coming to VIP

OMG! Can you believe it's Monday already?! Goodness gracious--where did the weekend go? *cue The Mamas & The Papas* Now that we have some jams to jam to, the VIP has some special and fabulous announcements to make! Because all of us at VIP are passionate about our fans and value their requests, below you will find the [...]

BlueGrits | Handmade Stack Bracelets on Etsy

ATTENTION, VIP BLOG READERS! THE VIP HAS A VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!  Okay--so, remember on this week's Weekly Whistle when I told y'all to come back Friday to find out where I got those fabulous stack bracelets? Well...it's Friday...and here we are...so, *drum roll* I HAVE DECIDED TO START AN ETSY SHOP! *happy dance* BlueGrits, my Etsy shop, [...]