The Last Day of Summer


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Today and tomorrow, we are going to be taking a brief break from the J.Crew Challenge to say “good bye” to summer and “hello” to fall! Whoo hoo!

The last day of summer is always a bittersweet one…but thankfully, the best season in fashion is literally right around the corner *wink* So, to round up summer, I want to take a look back at some of the best blog moments from the 2014 VIP Summer season :)

img_6897 (2)

Hot Event of the Summer: The Local Fashion Advantage with my dear friend and renowned designer Hilton Hollis. Pst…he’s shooting the photos for his Spring 2015 collection as we speak. AH! I cannot wait to see :) Click here to recap all the fun from LFA 2014.


Best Outfit of the Summer: Oh…this is a toughy! I cannot decide between these three! To view all of the outfits from summer, click here.


Etsy Exchange


Wonder Woman at Founders Park


GAP Top Challenge, Outfit 1


Other fun stuff from summer 2014:

VIP Home: Never Shop Hungry

Beauty Tues: Layered Creme Shadows

Artistic Photo Blog: Broken Bicycles


Be sure to come back tomorrow to help me welcome fall, y’all! Whoo hoo! 

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Superb Seven: Reader’s Choice


Hello, my fabulouses! It is time for y’all, the VIP readers, to vote for YOUR favorite Superb Seven outfit! On this blog are the top three outfits of the series…So, let’s stop the chatting and get to voting, my lovelies!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some more fun and fabulous #OOTDs! Yay! More outfit posts:)

To vote for Outfit #1, Comment "Pleather Sweater" on this post.
To vote for outfit #1, comment “Pleather Sweater” on this post or the VIP Facebook page.
To vote for outfit #2, comment "Pop of Color" on this post.
To vote for outfit #2, comment “Pop of Color” on this post or the VIP Facebook page.
To vote for outfit #3, comment "Leather Meets Pleather" on this post.
To vote for outfit #3, comment “Leather Meets Pleather” on this post or the VIP Facebook page.

If you have a YouTube account, let me know what your favorite item is that I got on my October Grand Haul by commenting on the video. If you do not have a YouTube account, comment your favorite piece on this post or the VIP Facebook page!

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Bright -vs- Neutral


Hello, fabulouses! Today is reader’s choice! Reader’s choice? What is that, you ask? Well, reader’s choice on the VIP blog is where you (a VIP reader) will choose which outfit you like best! On this blog, the challenge is BRIGHT -vs- NEUTRAL! So….without further ado, here are some more fabulous pictures to help you make your decision.

Once you have decided BRIGHT or NEUTRAL comment on this post OR tweet me @AbbyHathorn with your favorite using the hashtags #teamBRIGHT -or- #teamNEUTRAL!


Blouse: The Limited

Shorts: Target

Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Belk

Necklace: BluKat Design by Heather O’Cain

IMG_9959 IMG_9960 IMG_9966 IMG_9968 IMG_9969

Click here to tweet for the BRIGHT ensemble! Don’t forget to hashtag #teamBRIGHT!


Blouse: The Limited

Shorts: JCrew

Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Belk

Necklace: Hearts of Stone Jewelry by Rachel Leathers

IMG_0005 IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_9994 IMG_9993

Click here to tweet for the NEUTRAL outfit! Don’t forget to hashtag #teamNEUTRAL!


Well, readers, it is up to you to decide which ensemble is the reader’s choice of the week!

Voting will end July 20 at midnight Central Standard Time (CST) and the winning ensemble will be posted to the VIP Facebook page! So, y’all get to commentin’ and tweetin’! I cannot wait to see which is YOUR favorite :)

IMG_9971 IMG_9996

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn