One Top, Six Ways: Part One


Hello, my magnificently fabulous fashionistas! Summer vacations, last minute weekend getaways, and hunky lifeguards on the beach are vastly approaching…Hey, boys! *said in flirty voice* haha…but what will you be wearing on these lovely weekends? That is the question…what to wear…what to wear….hmmmm…..


Whether your trip is planned or spur of the moment, this Michael Stars top from Gus Mayer is a MUST HAVE for summer! This slouchy yet sleek T-shirt is easily dressed up or down by changing out the bottoms (shorts, skirts, knickerbockers, trousers…) and wearing different accessories! Now, strap on your fashionista seatbelts as I show you three ways to wear this glorious top!  Visit me next week to see THREE MORE WAYS! Ahh!  This blouse is the perfect summer go-to-item!

Grab your vintage suitcase, and go with the flow!

IMG_8402 IMG_8398 IMG_8379 IMG_8375 IMG_8393IMG_8384Blouse: Michael Stars, Gus Mayer (Birmingham, AL)

Shorts: Target (Trussville, AL)

Shoes: OTBT, Gus Mayer (Birmingham, AL)

Necklaces: BluKat Design


Hello, leopard and turquoise!

 IMG_8458 IMG_8473 IMG_8479 IMG_8482 IMG_8488IMG_8483

Blouse: Michael Stars, Gus Mayer (Birmingham, AL)

Skirt: Thrifted

Earrings: Hearts of Stone

Necklace: BluKat Design


Green high-waisted military shorts? Yes, please!

 IMG_8496 IMG_8518 IMG_8517 IMG_8489 IMG_8501Blouse: Michael Stars, Gus Mayer (Birmingham, AL)

Shorts: Urban Outfitters (Birmingham, AL)

Belt: American Eagle (Trussville, AL)

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Necklace and Bracelets: Beadsoul


Don’t forget to come back next week to see three more ways to wear this spectacular top!


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Closet Shopping: Vintage Hipster


Hello there, fashionistas! Today on Shopping in Your Own Closet OR Closet Shopping [for short] I have channeled my inner vintage hipster in order to create a magnificent ensemble with my favorite pair of vintage high-waisted shorts!

With the warmer weather FINALLY HERE, I have begun to dress a little more spring-y…Oh, this Southern fashionista is LOVING the sunny fun days!


Now, I know y’all are just dying to see what outfit I created this week by simply shopping in my own closet! Phew! What a penny-saving operation…or at least that is what my mom says…and my dad…and probably their pocketbooks…anyway! Let’s see what the VIP’s Closet Shopping ensemble is!

IMG_3931 IMG_3920 IMG_3933 IMG_3918 IMG_3884 IMG_3939

Tank: American Eagle

Button-up: personal vintage collection

Shorts: personal vintage collection

Heels: Belk, Jessica Simpson

Belt: American Eagle

Earrings: Just Teasin’ Boutik & Salon-Louisville, Mississippi

Sunglasses: Target


Ahhh! Readers! I am going to just explode over the awesome pictures we took on the photo shoot today! I really need to wait to share them with y’all…but I will give you one and only ONE sneak peek because I just cannot contain my excitement anymore! Check the Facebook page! Go! Go! Go! There, you will find the sneak peek!

Let’s connect! Email pictures to (or post pictures to the Facebook page) of you sporting your favorite Closet Shopping outfit for a chance to be on the VIP blog and Facebook page! Come on, do NOT be shy! We are all fashion lovers here:)


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Emerald Dress: Shopping in Your Own Closet


Emerald, the 2013 Color of the Year, is “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony,” says

Funny story–I bought my emerald green dress at The Fashion Barn in Columbus, Mississippi in fall of 2012 for some holiday events…Well, I guess that wasn’t a funny story…Who would have thought my darling emerald green dress would be Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year! Hmm…did I mysteriously start this trend? I guess we will never know….this reminds me of the hundreds of times I tried to find out how many licks it took to get to the center of those Tootsie Roll Pops…I guess we will never know that either…Whatever was I talking about…? Oh, yes!  My emerald dress.

When I was invited to attend the Shamrocking and Shopping down the Emerald Aisles at the Shops of Grand River in Leeds, Alabama [March 15-17], I knew exactly what I was going to wear-my extraordinary emerald green dress! Oh, it was the perfect St. Patty’s Day celebration frock!

The Shamrocking and Shopping event featured wonderful family activities to bring the “Luck of the Irish” to everyone celebrating the St. Patty’s Day Weekend! To see more of this event, check out the video here!




Dress: The Fashion Barn, Columbus, MS

Belt: Anthropologie, Birmingham, AL

Shoes: BCBG

Necklace: Juicy Couture

Earrings: BluKat Designs by Heather O’Cain


Whoa! I guess my emerald green dress was destined to be my go-to holiday dress…first Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and now St. Patrick’s Day! Emerald dresses are so versatile-every fashionista in the world needs one!


Laney Sherling (Sunglass Warehouse) was super sweet helping me find some awesome new sunglasses!
Laney Sherling (Sunglass Warehouse) was super sweet helping me find some awesome new sunglasses!
Gina Sealy (co-manager at The Loft) was dressed so adorably I just had to get my picture taken with her!
Gina Sealy (co-manager at The Loft) was dressed so adorably I just had to get my picture taken with her!
Kennii Stephens (Coach Factory) and I talking fashion and purses at the Shamrocking and Shopping event! Love the scarf he was sporting!
Kennii Stephens (Coach Factory) and I talking fashion and purses at the Shamrocking and Shopping event! Love the scarf he was sporting!

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mad hatter pic 3
Christine Moore events at Gus Mayer, Birmingham, Alabama, Summit location. For more details, visit

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Shopping In Your Own Closet: Crazy About Dots!


Hello, hello, hello, my lovely fashionistas! Welcome back to the VIP blog on this wonderful day! In Alabama, the weather is sunny and 65 degrees-ahh….makes me ready for spring break…ooo! and spring fashion! But, I am not here to talk about how desperate I am for a full week of sunny, warm weather! So, let’s get started with what ensemble the VIP created this week by shopping in her own closet….


As I was rumbling through the boxes of clothes I have yet to unpack from the move, I stumbled upon a forgotten treasure…my vintage polka-dot skirt! This glorious moment spawned  the idea of a “dot-on-dot ensemble”…but what accessories? Hot pink, of course! The VIP simply adores polka dots and hot pink!






Lace Blouse: The Limited

Jacket: Twisted Moss

Skirt: Raspberry Beret Consignment Shop (Louisville, MS)

Shoes: JCPenny, Betseyville (by Betsey Johnson)

Belt: Target


Now, let’s get down to business! Tip time! Hooray for VIP tips! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!



Would you like to be featured on the Vintage Inspired Passionista blog? Email or post pictures to the Facebook page of you wearing your dot-on-dot ensemble! Email: OR Facebook:

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Shopping in Your Own Closet: Little Red Dress


Welcome back, fashionistas! If y’all have been keeping up with me on Facebook, I dropped a hint that there was going to be a new weekly segment on the VIP blog.  Well, get excited because “Shopping in Your Own Closet” is here and ready to be ever so fabulous!

Lately, I have been going through my closet and finding clothes to donate. During the process, I stumbled upon a lovely floral dress that my Aunt Carol had given me! I skipped off in joy to find my mom to tell her of the precious frock I had found! She nodded her head with approval and waved me off to continue cleaning out…she was on the phone, and after all these years, you would think I would learn not to bother my mom when she was on the phone.  I digress!

momandauntcarolMy mom(on right) and Aunt Carol (on left) back in the ’80s. They are quite the adorable fashionistas!

That little red dress got me to thinking….hmmm shopping in your own closet for a totally precious outfit…what a great blog that would make! Bam! Tah-dah! Yay!  The new segment was born, and I owe it all to my Aunt Carol and the little red dress!



IMG_8302 (2)

Top: Target

Dress: “Closet Shopping”

Shoes: Belk, Jessica Simpson

Earrings: Betsey Johnson


Oh, “Closet Shopping” makes me ever so happy! Discovering precious dresses, fancy skirts, and comfy sweatshirts that I forgot I had is the best feeling in the world-besides a facial. I love facials…and manicures…and pedicures…and trips to the hair salon…I am feeling in the need of some girly pampering! Oops, off topic again, let’s talk tips now, shall we?


Ooo la la, Closet Shopping is indeed fun! Go shopping in your own closet and email (  or Facebook ( me pictures of you sporting your fabulous ensemble for a chance to be featured on the VIP blog!

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