Three Ways to Wear: Vintage-Inspired, Funky Dresses

As I mentioned in yesterday's Weekly Whistle, I am totally obsessed with these funky, vintage-inspired frocks! Because these dresses are such statement-makers, styling them multiple ways was quite the challenge, but y'all know the VIP--she doesn't step down from a little fashion game *wink* By mixing patterns and dressy with casual, I was able to create [...]

Three Ways to Wear: Pre-Fall 2016 | Keeping the Summer Florals Alive

There is something to be said for floral outfit pieces. Each one possesses its own kind of spunk and vibrancy that can only be expressed through florals. I mean, come on guys--florals are a happy pattern, and the world can always use a little bit more happy ♥ So, for this week's Three Ways to Wear [...]