Three Ways to Wear: Fourth of July Outfits


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Thursday–it is so good to see you *wink* Independence Day is only 2 days away, so if you have not gotten your get-up for the Fourth picked out yet…chances are all the good stuff is gone–BUT THAT IS NO REASON TO PANIC because this week’s TWTWT will help you to shop in your own closet and put together a festive look that will knock everybody’s socks off!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some past VIP Fourth of July outfits, where I took some everyday pieces from my wardrobe to create red, white, and blue looks in a snap *fist in air* AMERICA!

Way 1:


Vintage high-waisted fabric shorts + a navy chiffon blouse + white and silver accessories made for a sweet holiday outfit. Click here to view outfit details + more photos.

Way 2:


What girl doesn’t love a tutu?! Check out this Fourth throwback to see how to rock a tutu + denim vest for your Independence Day activities!  

Way 3:


This look isn’t much of a throwback to those of you who saw yesterday’s Weekly Whistle…BUT just in case you missed it *wink* Click here to view the fabulous details about my Fourth frock for 2015!


What will YOU be wearing this Fourth of July? VIP wants to know! Give VIP a few details about your outfit too–was it thrifted? DIYed? Bought locally? Tell us all about your Fourth Frock for a chance to be featured on the blog *gasp* How cool, right?!

Come on! Don’t be shy *wink*

Submit pictures to Vintage Inspired Passionista on Facebook or hashtag #VIPFourthFrock on Twitter/Instagram. 


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Throwback Thursday: Toddler Tips on Getting Ready

September 29, 1998.

Hello, fabulouses! Today is Throw Back Thursday and in the Instagram world, TBT is an extremely popular hashtag. Most Thursdays, I post a cute or funny baby picture to my @VintagePassionista account–my mom refuses to participate in the matter because it reminds her that I will be turning 18 in November…shh…don’t tell Momma.

Anyway, I picked out some silly (perhaps even a tad bit embarrassing) baby pictures for this week’s TBT and decided they needed a better caption other than #TBT *insert an excess amount of Emojis here*.

Now, I am going to show you how to get ready for a photo shoot–toddler style.


Step 1: Put on your makeup.

When putting on makeup for a photo shoot, it is important to make sure you look absolutely perfect. Put your eye makeup on heavy and thick. It is kind of like coloring–but it’s okay if you run outside of the lines. If you do not have any blush, improvise with lipstick–rub and smear, rub and smear. Last but not least, apply the lip gloss color of your choice.


Step Two: Get Dressed.

With your makeup done, it is now time to get dressed. Hop into sheer black panty hose and tuck in your shirt–Arts and Crafts with a  mix of dress up professionalism.


Step Three: Accessorize and Strike a Pose.

Choosing the right accessories for a photo shoot is crucial. To hide the “I just woke up and didn’t want mommy to comb my hair” look, simply toss on a hat. Tah Dah–strike a pose! Oh, so totally toddler-tastic!


“Just like mommy! Just like Mommy!”

My mom told me that I would parade around the house with her makeup all over my face and ridiculous dress up outfits talking about how I looked just like mommy. Hm…did I look just like mommy? That is the question.


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn