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  1. Hi Abby, I love your blog…so very interesting and informative. It is an impressive Blog. I am a jewelry designer with an Etsy shop and a member of The Artisan Group. I actually came across you through Facebook when I saw the handcrafted jewelry of Rachel Leather of The Artisan Group in your Blog. I enjoyed reading your article about Ty Pennington. Our family are his fans. I’ve noticed his love for men’s jewelry. He was actually one of my inspiration in fashioning men’s gemstone jewelry. I wish I can gift him with one of my men’s necklaces. Anyways, thank you for featuring him. Abby, I will be following your Blog!

    • Hello! I am so happy that you found my blog:) I will definitely have to check out your Etsy shop–this fashionista loves her some handmade jewelry haha!
      Ty Pennington was such an awesome individual to interview–I am super glad that you liked it! He is just as fun in person as he is on television!
      Also, thanks for following–I will be checking out your Etsy shop soon:) Have a fabulous day!

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