Weekly Whistle: Classic Vinyl, Hit Movies, & Vintage Fashion

Ahh....the 80s. A time where some of the best classic vinyl, hit movies, and fashions were born. From neon pink and sequins galore to Guns n' Roses and Motley Crue to Pretty In Pink and The Breakfast Club--the 80s will forever have a place in my heart...even if I weren't privileged enough to have been born or [...]

Weekly Whistle: Renovating the VIP’s New Home!

Hello, fashionistas! I am so glad you joined me for this week's Weekly Whistle! For the next few weeks, you will be seeing a side of the VIP you probably did not know existed!  When you think of the VIP, you think lovely high heels, chiffon blouses, and all things vintage; however, my family and I have started a [...]