Bobbi Brown Makeover with Jamie Gummere


Hello, hello, hello VIP readers! So, I had the most amazing makeup experience of MY LIFE at Gus Mayer in Birmingham, Alabama! Jamie Gummere, professional makeup artist with Bobbi Brown, created the VIP a spectacular spring look that is so fun and sweet! I have some upcoming tutorial makeup videos where Jamie Gummere answers the VIP’s makeup questions, explains different makeup application techniques, demonstrates how to put on gel eyeliner, and much more! Oh, what fun it is getting makeovers and being a girly girl! Thank you, Gus Mayer, for introducing me to the fabulous Bobbi Brown line! It is so so SO amazing!


I have sensitive skin, so finding makeup that does NOT cause a skin reaction is quite the challenge. Since the beginnings of my wearing makeup, I have tried a variety of brands that advertised products made for sensitive skin. After many trips to various makeup counters, I finally found a color that did not make me look like a Cheese Nip, however, my skin still reacted to it…disappointment.  After that, I just gave up…I thought finding a skin friendly foundation was absolutely hopeless…but then, I had a Bobbi Brown makeover! I will admit that I went in a little skeptical, but Jammie Gummere (Bobbi Brown artist) matched my color perfectly, found me stunning skin friendly products, and gave me a fun new look for spring!

Oh, Bobbi Brown makeup is a miracle for me and my sensitive skin! The base is not heavy…or itchy; it feels light and airy while giving full coverage. The eye shadow selection is magnificent, and do not even get me started on the hydrating lip balm!  I am so impressed with Bobbi Brown cosmetics!


For all of you who have wondered what the VIP looks like without makeup, this picture is for y’all! No, it is not like the shocking paparazzi pictures we see of Snookie or a Kardashian without makeup…


See the finale of the makeover on my next YouTube video! Ooo just talking about

it makes me even more excited to show y’all!

Want to know how to choose the perfect bronzer! See my upcoming YouTube video

where professional makeup artist, Jamie Gummere, gives tips on picking the right

shade of bronzer for your skin color!

Also, stay tuned to the Vintage Passionista channel for more makeup tips and

tutorials! Oh, you will not want to miss them, VIP fans!


Stop by Gus Mayer today for a fabulous Bobbi Brown experience!

Also, join me at Gus Mayer April 18 for the Poppin’ Girl’s Night Out! See their

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Check out more of Jamie Gummere’s awesome makeovers on her website!


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Weekly Whistle: Sledgehammer


I want to be your sledgehammer! Why don’t you call my name? Oh, let me be your sledgehammer! This will be my testimony. You’d better call the sledgehammer! Put your mind at rest. I’m going to be-the sledgehammer. This can be my testimony.  I’m your sledgehammer! Let there be no doubt about it. Sledge, sledge, sledgehammer! Oh, hey there, readers! Sorry about my jam-out session to “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel….but these 1980’s high-waist, yellow, acid-washed jeans are so totally rad that I had to break out in song! Wow!Anyway, let’s get down to it, fashionistas! Shall we see what the VIP’s outfit of the week is? Of course, c’mon!







Shirt: Kohl’s, Jennifer Lopez

Vest: Express

Jeans: Vintage Levi Strauss

Heels: Belk, Zigi Zoho

Sunglasses: Ray Ban



Oh. My. Goodness. Fashionistas. I am so, so, so, so, SO READY for February 15 at midnight! Why, you ask? Wait for ittttttttt……PSYCH SLUMBER PARTY ON USA! Ahh! I am so ready to get all cuddled up in my PJs, eat snacks, and admire the characters Shawn and Gus as they make me laugh throughout the night! I honestly cannot wait….I love you, Shawn and Gus(James Roday and Dule Hill)…y’all are two adorable and funny guys!

I want to be your sledgehammer. Why don’t you call my name? You’d better call the sledgehammer!…I’m going to be the sledgehammer… I’m your sledgehammer! Sledge, sledge, hammer!




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Weekly Whistle: OMG it’s 2013




Welcome back, fashionistas! I hope you all have had a fabulous New Year! It is the first Weekly Whistle of 2013! Wow…makes me think about what an adventure 2012 was for the VIP! I began my blog in February 2012, and in June, I gained the opportunity to write my own column in The Real Story called “The Adventures of the VIP”.  Then, in October, I started writing and styling outfits for Town and Gown Magazine! I could not have gained all of these opportunities if it were not for all of you, my fantastic, fashionable, and fabulous readers! All of the fan emails and comments have made me work harder to achieve my dream of spreading the love of fashion-VIP style! Once again, thank you, fans, for all of your support! I cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store for me, Miss VIP!

This week’s Weekly Whistle is a sneak peek of my top ensembles to kick off 2013! To see more fabulous 2013 kick off outfits, visit my article on! Also, come back Friday, January 5 for more 2013 VIP top pick outfits! You will not want to miss it! Now, let’s see what the VIP’s favorite outfit of the week is!


Top: Urban Oufitters, Pins and NeedlesJeans: TJMaxx, Kenneth Cole New York
Heels: TJMaxx, Jessica Simpson
Earrings: BluKat Designs by Heather O'Cain
Top: Urban Oufitters, Pins and Needles
Jeans: TJMaxx, Kenneth Cole New York
Heels: Belk, BCBG
Earrings: BluKat Designs by Heather O’Cain



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You can get glamorous earrings like the VIP’s @
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