Accessories Challenge | 3 Ways to Dress-Up a Basic Outfit


Sometimes creating an outfit isn’t as simple as Stacy and Clinton made it look on What Not to Wear. When in a hurry, mixing patterns and matching silhouettes stresses a fashionista out to the max! So, what is she supposed to do? Retreat from pretty skirts and blouses to leggings and oversized long sleeve shirts? NEVER! We fabulous fashionistas never retreat *wink*

So, before you toss all your clothes out on the curb and wear your fuzzy Eeyore pajamas to the office, check out this VIP Three Ways to Wear which is all about dressing up the basics. Here is what you will need to ensure stress-free styling–and I bet you have a few, if not all of these things already in your closet *wink*

  • A black skirt. Pick your poison–pencil skirt, mini skirt, or flare skirt. 
  • A button up. Opt for lighter colors and silkier textures for a dressier, everyday look.
  • Nude heels. I think this one is self-explanatory *wink* BUT keep in mind that having sassy stilettos in other hues can spice-up a look as easily as a statement necklace.
  • Accessories! Accessories! Accessories! Invest in key pieces that can be mixed and matched with lots of different outfits no matter the occasion. 

Now, without further ado, take a look at the outfits below to see how the VIP uses accessories to change up the basic ensemble three different ways. Ahh….fashion doesn’t have to be so stressful *wink*

IMG_0677 IMG_0680 IMG_0685 IMG_0679 IMG_0683 IMG_0690

Shirt: Express | Skirt: Express | Shoes: Jessica Simpson | Heels: Jessica Simpson | Long Necklace: BluKatDesign

IMG_0729 IMG_0732 IMG_0737 IMG_0728 IMG_0741 IMG_0749 IMG_0738

Necklace: Avon | Heels: Jessica Simpson, Belk | Belt: Target

IMG_0708 IMG_0701 IMG_0713 IMG_0714 IMG_0709 IMG_0719

Necklace: Charming Charlie | Heels: Jessica Simpson, Belk


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


From Work to Play featuring ModCloth

Vintage Inspired "From Work to Play" featuring All ModCloth Fashions

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

For this week’s Weekly Whistle, I styled two different looks with ModCloth’s “Work to Play” frock in navy by simply changing up the accessories. One for work…and one for play…what’s not to love! *wink*
The big inspiration behind these looks was the marvelous minty green hue in the collar and belt of the “Work to Play” dress + I wanted to play up the vintage feel of the frock with other vintage-inspired pieces–that is where the wide variety of accessories on ModCloth came in handy! Choosing just a few accessories was such a toughy! So…click here to check out other ModCloth accessories that I thought would look absolutely darling with the “Work to Play” dress!
Which outfit are you? Are you all work…or all play…or a little bit of both *wink* Leave your comment at the end of this blog post, email me here, or post a comment on the VIP Facebook page here.

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Motivational Monday: The Bouncy Castle Known as Life


Hello, fabulouses! Today is Motivational Monday.  I am personally living by the saying “I don’t care how old I am; I’m going in the bouncy castle!”

The topic of today’s Motivational Monday is “growing up”–more or less.  Earlier today, I looked back at old blogs to see what I was doing in June 2012–what I was wearing, how I was modeling, and so forth…it was so much fun looking back that I had to explore earlier moments…so I went back to June 2011….

Growing up and change are two facts of life…both are going to happen. We are all evolving–from our looks to our personalities–it is what makes us human.   If there is one thing I have learned from Betty White, it is that no matter how old you are–have fun and be yourself!


Since growing up and change are going to happen…I am personally going to kick off my shoes, hop into that bouncy castle, do a couple of flips, fall down–get back up, and enjoy life’s opportunities to the fullest!

June 2000

photo 2

I am a sucker for sharing baby pictures…so here is one of my favorite childhood pictures.  (Taken in June of 2000.)

June 2011


UCA [United Cheerleaders Association] Cheer Camp at Mississippi State University with the Winston Academy varsity cheerleading squad.

June 2012


Take a small leap back in time and read the blog “Cupcakes and Drivers License” here:


This fun picture was taken in Starkville, Mississippi for the VIP Accessories Challenge: Deep South Pout blog! See more pictures and read the post here:


Oh, I have always loved this picture–and old cars–and sequins–and hats! See more of this photo shoot and blog on the InStyle Inspiration: June 2013 post!

June 2013


VIP Signature Curls with Hot Tools and Matrix Products:


Weekly Whistle: Summer Slouch Series Outfit 2:


Weekly Whistle: All About Sunglasses:

Male Model: Jonathan Shalon Ballard

photo 1

Isn’t it amazing how we change over time? Oh, it feels like just yesterday when I was taking my first dance lesson and writing my first short story [The Decteve’s Eye aka The Detective’s Eye]–even if I did misspell everything and there was no flow…or plot…or conclusion.

I wrote this short story the summer of my 2nd grade school year. As you can see, my spelling has vastly improved since then–thank you Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Anyway, the moral of the story is…it is always good to push aside the worries and stressful activities for a moment of fabulous fun–jumping around in the bouncy castle–no matter how old you are!

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Accessories Challenge: First Strapless Dress of Summer!


Hello, VIP fashionistas! Let’s kick off this amazing week with an amazing VIP Accessories Challenge! For those of you who are just now joining me on my blogging adventure…or for those of you who simply forgot what a VIP Accessories Challenge is–don’t nod your head no…it’s okay–we all forget things–especially me. I forget to take my laundry upstairs pretty much every single day–Anyway…an Accessories Challenge is where I take one outfit and swap out ONLY accessories to create a variety of looks with ease! Oh….fashionistas can never have too many accessories!

Now, without further ado…I present to you the VIP’s Accessories Challenge with a sunshine yellow strapless dress from Deep South Pout in Starkville, Mississipp! Whoo hoo!

IMG_9182 IMG_9188 IMG_9190 IMG_9203


Mixing metallics is a fun and easy way to create a superbly chic look that adds pizazz to any and all summer ensembles! Who said you cannot mix gold and silver together? Well…it was not the VIP!


 Dress: Deep South Pout

Belt: Personal Vintage Collection (Truth is…I took it out of my mom’s closet…shhh…)

Heels: Avon

Necklace: BluKat Design by Heather O’Cain

Bracelet: Belk–Trussville, AL

IMG_9218 IMG_9219 IMG_9210 IMG_9227 IMG_9236 IMG_9222


A sassy twist to any floor-length strapless dress is color blocked sandals! Beating the summer heat has never been so stylish! Thanks, Gus Mayer, for a wonderful selection of spectacular sandals!


Dress: Deep South Pout

Sandals: Circus by Sam Edelman, Gus Mayer

Peach Bracelet: Deep South Pout

Green & Turquoise Bracelet: StephieGknits by Stephanie Grantham

Necklaces:  Personal Vintage Collection (aka my mom’s closet)

IMG_9277 IMG_9279 IMG_9282 IMG_9280


Tie up floor-dusting dresses to create a more casual style that is perfect for a coffee trip!…let’s admit it…we all love and NEED our Starbucks runs, BUT we gotta’ look super cute!


Dress: Deep South Pout

Vest: VIP DIY–Click here to see the very first VIP DIY!

Sandals: Circus by: Sam Edelman, Gus Mayer

Belt: Target

Glasses: BCBG MazAzria (yes, these are my REAL glasses.)

Bracelet: Beadsoul by Lisa Hamilton

IMG_9247 IMG_9255 IMG_9258 IMG_9257 IMG_9260


I will throw in a personal testimony for all of my blonde readers out there! I was a tad bit nervous to wear this luscious yellow dress because I was afraid it would clash and look terrible with my blonde hair…BUT it doesn’t–it looks fabulous! At the end of the day, blondes can sport yellow–I am not really sure who told me they couldn’t….hmm…


Dress: Deep South Pout


Heels: OBT, Gus Mayer

Bracelet: Deep South Pout

Necklace: BluKat Design by Heather O’Cain


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Trussville Antiques and Interiors Reopening: Part 2

Looky! Looky! It’s Part 2 of Trussville Antiques and Interiors Reopening blog! As awkward as it was interviewing my mom, owner of the Lolly Molly…she wanted me to anyway…thanks, mom ;)

Chasidy Hathorn decided to open up her shop after taking a sabbatical from teaching to get her Type I diabetes under control. She has a high level of energy and creativity; art is her outlet.

At the Lolly Molly, you will find original artwork, redesigned and custom painted furniture, and upcyled items such as bike rim sculptures, plow blade coat hangers, and much more.

Chasidy is inspired by me…she has been painting and decorating my room since before I was born. I’m sure she is inspired by more things…but I like to think…it is just me! She did say some other things…but they all started with, “When I was in highschool…” and I tuned her out…but doesn’t every teenager??

Now, that I have gotten my mom out of the way…I can show you some of the fabulous things inside Trussville Antiques and Interiors . So enjoy these pictures, my dear readers!

Don’t you just want to pack your bags and head to Trussville, Alabama to have a marvelous antiquing experience at Trussville Antiques and Interiors!

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