Weekly Whistle: Talk Nautical To Me

Talk Nautical To Me


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Ooo la la–talk nautical to me *wink* I don’t know about y’all, but I am getting my summer shopping list together ♥

Red stripe shirt, check. Vintage-style shorts, check. Nautical sandals/flip flops, not check. 

So, without further ado, take a look at this week’s Weekly Whistle “Talk Nautical To Me” and prepare yourselves for a super-duper amazing Three Ways to Wear Beach-Ready Nautical Chic tomorrow! Ah–I just cannot wait! Now, off to get more coffee + snacks *wink*

Weekly Whistle: Nautical Chic

VIP Shop It Links! because spontaneous shopping sprees are fun *wink*

Retro shorts

MARBELLA navy flat
$37 – black.co.uk

Humble Chic anchor scarf

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Weekly Whistle: What I Wore to Meet Betsey Johnson + A Little Leopard


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Since I posted the photos + details on Monday, I have received quite a few emails from y’all about the outfit I wore to the Betsey Brunch at Belk in Charlotte, NC. So, what better time to reveal it than on this week’s Weekly Whistle, right?! *wink*

I picked up this lovely leopard frock a few weeks ago at Express (shop it here); however, since leopard is SO HOT this season, I decided to also create a Polyvore board for a little leopard + Betsey inspiration. Hm…I am feeling a Three Ways to Wear coming on *wink*

 Now, get your wild-side on and check out the sassy looks below! Tah tah until tomorrow, fabulouses–I have some outfits to style ;)

Betsey Leopard

Leopard dress
$31 – beyondtherack.com

Love brown dress
$42 – asos.com

Betsey Johnson bracelet

Betsey johnson watch

IMG_8276 IMG_8345

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

VIP Scrapbook: Meeting Betsey Johnson + Q & A at Belk in Charlotte, NC


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! 

For those of you who kept up with me on Instagram this weekend, you already know that I met one of my fashion heroes, Betsey Johnson. AH! It’s been two days, and I still cannot believe it! Somebody pinch me! *wink*


Since before I can remember, Betsey Johnson has been one of my biggest inspirations. She is seventy-two years old, has been designing for almost fifty years, and still works neon pink and tutus like it is nobody’s business *wink* Her style is so unique and her philosophy of “wear what you love” is greatly needed in a world that is so easily influenced by fads and trends. 

When I was trying to find myself and learning to express my passion for fashion in tenth grade, I turned to Betsey for inspiration. From her, I learned that “girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves, and of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys, they’d just walk around naked at all times.” (See photos below)

If  someone would have told me when I put these pages together in my Smash journal that I would be meeting Betsey three years later…I would have laughed in their faces. Amazing how God can change things so drastically when we follow His path :)
*draws check mark* Well, I guess I can mark that off of my bucket list!

Now, without further ado, I reveal the photos taken by my wonderful photographer at the Brunch with Betsey Belk event in Charlotte, North Carolina! Come on, y’all! Let’s take a gander.

Arlene Golstein (in the fur), the VP of Trend Mechandising and Fashion Direction at Belk, and the VIP (in the red coat) chatting with other bloggers at brunch in Charlotte. Oh, I just love Arlene!
Arlene Goldstein (in the vest), the VP of Trend Mechandising and Fashion Direction at Belk, and the VIP (in the red coat) chatting with other bloggers at the brunch in Charlotte. Oh, I just love Arlene!
Arlene personally introducing me to THE Betsey Johnson.
Arlene introducing Betsey and me.


I was all smiles for the rest of the day! Meeting her (and getting to chat with her!) was a dream come true!
I was all smiles for the rest of the day! Meeting Betsey Johnson (and getting to chat with her!) was a dream come true!
"This girl is only 18! Come on, we need another hug and another picture," exclaimed Betsey.
“This girl is only 18! Come on, we need another hug and another picture,” exclaimed Betsey.


I do not remember what Betsey and Arlene were chatting about in this photo; however, it was so precious that I had to share it with y'all anyway :)
I do not remember what Betsey and Arlene were chatting about in this photo; however, it was so precious that I had to share it with y’all anyway :)


I hope I am this awesome whenever I am in my 70s (yellow hair-streaks and all *wink*).
I hope I am this awesome when I am in my seventies!

Exclusive VIP Interview Question with Betsey:


VIP: What is one item in your closet you would never toss out and why? From watching your show, I know that you must have quite the extensive collection of apparel! 

Betsey: I know this sounds silly, but I lose so much stuff that I try not to get too attached to things–like umbrellas for example. There is no telling how many of those things I have lost! But I would hate to lose or get rid of my necklace I bought for [my daughter] Lulu….My closet is basically a bunch of folded things, which is okay because I love wrinkles. I have one small closet for hanging things, which is mostly things I really love but never wear. If I really love something, I have a hard time wearing it a lot because I do not want something to happen to it!

VIP: Oh, I completely understand! I have a dress handmade by my great-grandmother in the early sixties that I have only worn a handful of times because it is too dear to me.

Betsey: Oh, beautiful! Isn’t it funny how that happens! My other two closets are full of folded things, which is okay because I love wrinkles….Oh! I absolutely treasure my belt *pointing to the leather belt around her waist*. It is quite old, and I do not even remember the maker, but it is like a “good luck” charm in a sense. 


Note: Please stay tuned to the blog because Friday I will be posting some fun and fabulous Betsey Johnson finds.

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Beauty Tues: Pink Products Raising Awareness + Other Pink Week Product Picks


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to Beauty Tues!

We are two days into the first ever VIP Pink Week, and I am so excited to finally share some pink-tastic beauty products with y’all! *cheers*

One thing the VIP really loves is lip products–especially if they are PINK. So, I was so excited to find out that Smashbox has a limited-edition pink lip gloss called “Promise” ON SALE NOW that benefits Breast Cancer Awareness. How pink-tastic is that?! Clinique, Estee Lauder, and Aveda also have some great limited-edition Breast Cancer Awareness items for sale. (see Polyvore board below)

In addition to the BCA products featured on this Polyvore board, I am also including some perfectly pink lipsticks, nail polishes, fragrances, and more. Enjoy, y’all! :)

Note: Details on where to buy the products featured on this Beauty Tues are below the Polyvore board :)

Pink Beauty

I want it. I need it. I’m buying it. 

Betsey Johnson fragrance

Victoria s Secret pink perfume

Estée Lauder pink jewelry

Sara Happ lip care

Philosophy lip care

Aveda body moisturizer
$34 – johnlewis.com

Ted Baker bags case

NARS Cosmetics nail polish
$24 – liberty.co.uk

Beauty product
$24 – illamasqua.com

Nail care

Smashbox lip gloss

Max Factor makeup
$22 – nelly.com

Nars cosmetic

Stay Positive,

Abby Hathorn

Weekly Whistle:Perfect Pearls & Musician Gabriel Tajeu


Hello, hello fashion and music lovers! Y’all are in for a special treat today on the VIP blog!

I know, I did not post Weekly Whistle yesterday, but it was for a good and fabulous reason! I was interviewing the spectacular musician and singer, Gabriel Tajeu! Oh my gracious, readers, Gabriel is so terrific! Click here for a sneak peek of his song “Southern Skies” which will be featured on his upcoming EP Album release this summer!

Also, stay tuned to the YouTube channel and my website for the interview with Gabriel Tajeu! In the meantime, listen to more of Gabriel’s tunes on Reverb Nation by clicking here!

Connect with Gabriel Tajeu and keep up with where he will be performing next by liking his page on Facebook here and following him on Twitter here!


Okay, now, it is time for the VIP’s favorite time of the week-except Fridays because Fridays are always fun-WEEKLY WHISTLE TIME! Ahhh! Yes, I know, try to contain your excitement…because this week’s weekly whistle is about every lady’s favorite accessory-PEARLS. Being a Southern Belle, pearls are a total must have for any and all occasions! “Southern Charm Tip #9:  Every Southern Girl Should Have Pearls Galore.  You can’t go wrong with a classic single strand of pearls, but lately we’re fans of the statement pearl Necklace,” states Southern Living.

From expensively delectable dinners to the explorers searching the Mighty Mississippi, pearls have had an interesting journey…To learn more about the history of pearls as well as some nifty fashion tips, check out my latest Real Media (Real Story Publishing) article here!


Blouse: The Limited (Similar look here-Tommy Hilfiger)

Skirt: JCPenny (Similar look here-JCPenny)

Shoes: Betseyville, JCPenny (Get the look here!)


During this photo shoot, Ziva decided she wanted to be on my blog too…so precious…and she managed to be more adorable than she usually is…I guess all of the selfies and Instagram pictures have finally gone to her furry head! Have I raised a glamorous diva dog? Yes, yes I have…Oh, Ziva the Diva!


Doesn’t Ziva make a fabulous doggy model! Future career for her? Hmm…did I mention that my fur baby likes Swedish Fish and lazy couch naps?

IMG_3980 IMG_3993

Denim and pearls…it simply does not get any better! Or…does it?

keep reading to find out : )


Denim Top: Thrifted (Similar look here-Diopsters General Store on Etsy)

Tank: New York and Co. (Get the look here!)

Shorts: Target (Get the look here!)

Heels: Jessica Simpson, Belk (Similar look here-Belk, Jessica Simpson)

IMG_4022 IMG_4072 IMG_4063 IMG_4057

A new take on classic black and pearls! Trade out your LBD (little

black dress) for LBS (little black shorts) to create a day-time, pearly-perfection



Blouse: American Eagle (www.americaneagleoutfitters.com)

Shorts: Target (Get the look here!)

Heels: Jessica Simpson, Belk (Similar look here-Belk, Jessica Simpson)

IMG_4086 IMG_4109 IMG_4095

No…I can never be serious on photo shoots…I am still a six-year-old at heart haha:)

Okay…So, I fibbed a bit. It does get better than denim and pearls! How, you ask?

Just put the VIP in a freezing cold swimming pool with lots of pearls

and there y’all have it–an artistic take on the timeless must-have!

IMG_4156 IMG_4138 IMG_4226 IMG_4220 IMG_4187

There’s Ziva again, doing what she does best-begging for attention! Can you tell she is spoiled?

One plus to freezing my tooshie off in the swimming pool was teaching Ziva how to swim! Aw…my fur baby is growing up:(

IMG_4315 IMG_4321

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