Fantastic Summer Voyage

Fantastic Summer Voyage: Sandals

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Let your feet take you on a fantastic summer voyage…in style, of course! Whether you are shopping at the plaza or hiking the trails, cute and fun sandals are a total summer must have! 
Sandals: Born, DSW (Colonial Brookwood Village, Birmingham AL)
Sandals: Born, DSW (Colonial Brookwood Village, Birmingham AL)
For casual outings, you can never go wrong with Earth tones because they go with everything! Spice it up by looking for sandals with a variety of straps, braids, or textures. If you want to branch out from subtle hues, try colorful sandals or wildly patterned ones. DSW has countless options for all kinds of cute sandals, but click here to see a few of my favorites!
Sandals: Chaco, Mahoney's Outfitters (Johnson City, Tennessee)
Sandals: Chaco, Mahoney’s Outfitters (Johnson City, Tennessee)
For more adventurous outings, look for durable yet stylist sandals. Brands like Chaco and Teva are built to withstand heavy wearing–plus, they have so many cute options now! Check them all out here and here.
SIDE NOTE: I cannot personally testify to the durability of Teva sandals; however, I can personally testify to the awesome durability of Chaco sandals. Long story short–I have had the same pair of Chaco sandals for over three years, and they are still in fabulous condition! My green Chacos have survived three moves to three different states (it’s a miracle I did not lose one along the way because I have managed to lose at least one shoe each time we move *wink*), countless road trips all over the South/Southeast, and various other fun (and sometimes muddy and dangerous) adventures. Overall, I have been highly impressed with the brand’s overall performance–and now, I am a Chaco girl *wink* Big kudos to Chaco for making awesome, cute, comfortable and durable sandals! *high five* Now…I recently purchased a new pair of  Chaco sandals for summer (not only are they incredibly lighter than my old ones, but they are also rainbow–YES, RAINBOW) from Mahoney’s Outfitters in Johnson City, Tennessee. I will keep y’all updated on how they hold up to my random journeys *wink*
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Now, I am off to finish painting my bathroom–stay tuned to VIP Home on Monday to find out what color it will be. Yay!

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