What’s Happening Wednesday: The Birmingham Edition

  Hey, y'all! Welcome back to the blog! This Wednesday, I am trading a Weekly Whistle for a What's Happening Wednesday--yes, I have made this blog into a card game for the moment. Hm...what a fabulous idea...a VIP card game *wink* Okay--this is no time for digression because I have two fabulous Birmingham events coming [...]

VIP Interview: Fabulous Fashion Designer Hilton Hollis

Hello, fashionistas! I am very excited to announce that I interviewed the FABULOUS Mississippi native fashion designer, Hilton Hollis! We chatted about his design career, what inspires his fashion pieces, and of course, Southern food! When you get two Mississippi natives together, talking about good ole' Southern cooking is absolutely going to happen! What is Hilton's [...]

Gus Mayer: Girl’s Poppin’ Night Out!

Last night, April 18, I attended Girl's Poppin' Night Out at Gus Mayer! Oh, it was a FABULOUS event full of tremendous "fashions from Brightly Twisted and Hilton Hollis, makeovers by the Gus Mayer cosmetics team, hair demonstrations by Joelle Salon, and complimentary glamour shots by Photographer Beau Gustafson a.k.a. The Big Swede." (press release) [...]