Weekly Whistle: College Orientation Outfit + Beauty Giveaway


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Yesterday, I attended freshman orientation at Northeast State Community College in Blountville, Tennessee, and it was absolutely amazing! I got my fall term schedule…my student ID…and a microwave from my mom and dad for tackling orientation sans parents.

The Northeast State Blountville campus is so beautiful and  full of wonderful professors + it has a killer Mass Communications and Theater department…the more I talk about it, the more excited I become. Whoo hoo–E! News or Vogue here I come *wink* 

Okay, that is enough college chat–there will be plenty of time for that once fall term rolls around *wink* Now, let’s take a look at the outfit details about what I wore to college orientation + why it works. 

IMG_6931 IMG_6945 IMG_6951

Blouse: Deep South Pout

Shorts: J.Crew, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Belt: American Eagle

Sandals: Born, DSW (Birmingham, Alabama)

Why it works:

This outfit worked perfectly for college orientation because it was comfy yet totally cute. I could have worn Nike shorts and a tank top and would have been comfortable, BUT I wanted to make a fashionable impression. And what better way is there to do that than by dressing cutely in bright hues! *wink*



Guess what?! The VIP has a spectacular surprise beauty giveaway happening RIGHT NOW on the VIP Facebook page! Click here for more details and to enter! Good luck!


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Three Ways To Wear Thursday: Floral Coral


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome to the first ever Three Ways to Wear Thursday! Whoo hoo!

To kick off the first TWTWT (funny how that worked out to be a pattern *giggle*), I decided to style three different looks with one of my favorite skirts EVER–my floral coral skirt from Molly Green Boutique in Birmingham, Alabama.

So…how many different ways can you really wear a statement-worthy skirt like this floral coral one? More times than I can count–no, really! I have worn this particular skirt several, several times on the blog in the past…click here to see…and right NOW I am going to show y’all three NEW ways to wear it. Ahh! How fabulous is that?!

Way 1:


Button Front: J.Crew, The Outlet Shops of Grand River(Featured on the 30 Day J.Crew Challenge)

Skirt: Molly Green Boutique

Heels: Target

Way 2:


Tank: Delia’s


Skirt: Molly Green Boutique

Heels: Jessica Simpson, Belk

Way 3:


T-shirt: Old Navy

Skirt: Molly Green Boutique

Sneakers: Keds, Belk

Earrings: Beverly’s Basket (Louisville, MS)


Do you have a favorite skirt? If so, where did you get it? Give the VIP all the details–comment on this blog post or post a picture + caption to the VIP Facebook page here. I cannot wait to see what fabulous skirts y’all will share!

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Beauty Tues: VIP Hair-formation with Stylist Chad Norris of Rouge Salon in Johnson City, TN



Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to Beauty Tues.

This week’s Beauty Tues News is all about the VIP’s hair transformation–or as I like to call it–hair-formation *wink*

Since my move to Johnson City, Tennessee, I have been searching for a hair stylist that knew how to properly cut my curly hair–and after having such fabulous stylists in Starkville (MS) and Birmingham (AL), I was so afraid to branch out and find a new one here…I was having attachment issues *wink* I even threatened to drive six to nine hours just to get a trim–No, I am not kidding *wink* Thankfully, I did not have to go on such an excursion because one of my sweet neighbors recommended Rouge Salon, which is not only a hair salon but also an art gallery–how cool is that?!


I called Rouge and asked if they had a stylist who could achieve the Cob (curly bob), and Angela Montgomery recommended Chad Norris because he cuts her hair–and she has curly hair. BINGO. That was exactly what I needed–a stylist with knowledge of how to cut curly hair…close by…

VIP Hair Tip: For all my curly-headed sisters out there–if you are looking for a new hair stylist, remember the best things to do are research the salon/stylist and ask questions. Pick their brains to see if they actually know how to cut curly hair because it is very different from cutting straight hair. I have walked out of salons before with a total hair disaster because I did not research or ask questions on the front end. No lesson like a hard lesson.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the photo story of the VIP’s hair-formation with the terrifically talented Chad Norris…

The VIP and Chad chatting about my hair prior to washing and cutting.
The VIP and Chad chatting about cutting curly hair prior to washing.


Two thumbs up from the VIP while at the shampoo bowl.
Two thumbs up from the VIP at the shampoo bowl.


Chad Norris separating the VIP's hair before cutting in layers.
Chad Norris separating the VIP’s hair before cutting the layers.


Snip! Snip! Snip! Bye-bye mid-length curls and hello Cob!

IMG_6028 IMG_6029 IMG_6032

Chad Norris' way of cutting was a tad bit unorthodox, but it worked fabulously! This technique gave my hair a unique texture with layers that flow perfectly!
I have never had my hair cut this way–but this technique worked perfectly–and made me feel like a big celeb *wink*

IMG_6036 IMG_6038 IMG_6041

Oh, wow! Look at those curls!  In this photo, Chad is calming the frizz of the VIP's curls with Osis+ Thrill Texture Fiber Gum by Schwarzkopf.
Oh, wow! Look at those curls!
In this photo, Chad is taming the frizz of the VIP’s curls with Osis+ Thrill Texture Fiber Gum by Schwarzkopf.
TAH DAH! A little touch of old Hollywood glam.

Chad Norris did such a fabulous job giving my curls the five-star treatment they deserve. I could not be more satisfied with the end result–Thanks so much, Chad, for doing such a marvelous job! You rock!

Book an appointment with Chad Norris at Rouge in Johnson City today! Visit www.rougesalonandgallery.com or call (423)631-0345.


Stay tuned for a future Beauty Tues where the VIP will talk about her new favorite frizz-taming product + Chad Norris gives helpful summer hair tips! Yay! 


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Weekly Whistle: Moving Madness + KristaLize Jewelry


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Phew…today has been exhausting! I have been moving into my new apartment, unpacking boxes, and trying to make sense of what needs to go where–needless to say…it is a bit stressful. *ugh* So, I decided to take a break to sit down and chat with y’all about this week’s Weekly Whistle! Ah…this tall glass of sweet tea and blogging should mentally prepare me to tackle unpacking the boxes labeled “clothes” and “shoes” *wink*

Now, that is enough chit chat about the moving madness–let’s take a looksey at the outfit details of this week’s Weekly Whistle outfit, which features an ADORABLY AWESOME handmade necklace from KristaLize! Oh, how the VIP simply adores KristaLize jewelry! :)

IMG_5075 IMG_5081 IMG_5076 IMG_5088 IMG_5115

Dress: Von Maur, Birmingham AL

Necklace: KristaLize

Heels: Nine West, The Outlet Shops of Grand River


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

VIP March Madness: Visiting Vulcan Park (Birmingham, Alabama)


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog for the very first outfit of the VIP March Madness outfit series! Yay!

I have been living in Alabama for a little over a year, and I have yet to accomplish the things on my Birmingham Bucket List. The first thing on my BBL was Vulcan Park, which is one of Birmingham’s most popular tourist attractions. I have been to Vulcan for parties and events, but never as a tourist. Let me tell y’all–I truly enjoyed the experience of playing tourist in my own town and being at Vulcan. Oh, it is so gorgeous! Overlooking The Magic City from the tower at Vulcan is exciting, scary, and peaceful all at the same time! Now that I have visited Vulcan during the day…I am putting “Visit Vulcan at Night” on my BBL list because I so desperately want to overlook the Birmingham skyline when it is all lit up at night. :)

IMG_4586 IMG_4595 IMG_4601 IMG_4628

My, My...what a big foot you have*wink*
My, My…what a big foot you have*wink*


Casual selfie at Vulcan with the Birmingham skyline in the background. Perfection.
Casual selfie at Vulcan with the Birmingham skyline in the background. Perfection.

IMG_4598 IMG_4617 IMG_4693

Shirt: Delia’s

Skirt: Delia’s

Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Belk (The Summit)

Earrings: BluKatDesign by Heather O’Cain


To learn more about Vulcan Park and plan your visit, please visit www.visitvulcan.com!

P.S. There are awesome facts and a history of Vulcan on their website…You should definitely check it out *wink*

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn