Weekly Whistle: Same Accessories, Same Style, Different Look

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! Happy Wednesday, y'all! Ah...the weekend is half-way here--we got this *wink* I have an oil change for Leo + a photo shoot in Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia to look forward to...probably some gluten-free Mellow Mushroom too *wink* I am always saying how accessories make all the difference, but I am [...]

VIP Road Trip: Bristol Virginia & Tennessee via iPhone

Hey, y'all! Today, the VIP was on the road in Bristol, Virginia/Tennessee touring the beautiful birthplace of country music! I adore the old-city charm of this Southern town, and I cannot wait for the amazing photo shoot tomorrow in Abingdon, Bristol, and Marion, Virginia! Phew....it is going to be an early morning...So, as I hop off [...]

30 Day J.Crew Challenge: Accessories Make All the Difference

Hello, my fabulouses, and welcome back! Today's 30 Day J.Crew Challenge outfit focuses on why accessories make all the difference! Since the beginning of my existence, I have loved accessories. As an accessory loving toddler, I sported a denim hat and Rugrats watch with my Huggies pull-ups to transit from daycare to McDonald's with ease. As a big [...]