Little GREEN Dress Coffee Shop Ready


Hello, fabulouses! To change up yesterday’s LGD outfit for a cute coffee meeting, swap the leather jacket for a neutral-toned cardigan and a sassy pair of boots–BAM! You are ready for Starbucks in style!

IMG_9459 IMG_9450 IMG_9465

Dress: Three07

Cardigan: Deep South Pout

Boots: Lucky Brand, Belk


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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Transcends the Seasons!

“Nobody on the road.  Nobody on the beach.  I feel it in the air.  The summer’s out of reach…you got your hair combed back and your sunglasses on, baby. After the boys of summer, have gone…” Hi, my lovelies! Isn’t that song by Don Henley just fantastic! I feel as if 80s music and the Blues capture every aspect of this time of year!  Speaking of this time of year-Let’s talk about how to extend our summer wardrobe, shall we?

The weather is still quite warm during the day; however, the nights are a bit chilly.  Mother Nature is not ready for us to wear our cute corduroy and sweet sweaters all day, but she is allowing us to carry our summer essentials into autumn!  It is so super easy, not to mention sensible, to be a mid-fall fashionista!

Cardigan: Deep South Pout
Top: Deep South Pout
Shorts: The Attic
Boots: UGG

This summer, I wore my vintage collection of high-waisted shorts to so many different functions and parties that I had to figure out a way to transcend the seasons with them. On a recent shopping adventure, I discovered the most divine cardigan in the most perfect hue of oatmeal.  I knew from the very moment that I laid eyes upon it that is would pair harmoniously with my favorite pair of summer shorts!  As soon as I arrived home, I promptly paired my precious baby blues with a darling top, cute crew socks, comfy UGG boots, and the latest addition to my cardigan collection! This outfit was perfect for staying cozy while grabbing delicious cupcakes with friends at GiGi’s.

Top: Target
Blouse: Deep South Pout
Skirt: The Attic
Shoes: Steve Madden

After I found a way to extend my favorite shorts, I just had to find a way to carry my favorite blouse into October!  Luckily, after a yummy chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake, my friends and I needed a quick Target run.  I just adore Target commercials.  Don’t you?  Anyway-there I found the most iconic denim floral button up, and I knew immediately that I would wear it with my favorite summer blouse and vintage purple skirt!  This outfit is perfect for fall festivities!

Enough about me! Let’s talk tips.

How to Extend Summer Favorites Tips:

  1. Summer Shorts Say Hello to Fall:  The VIP will be pairing her summer shorts with crew and knee high socks, super styling boots, and comfy cardigans!  Opaque tights, leggings, and metallic jackets are some other picture-perfect items that work impressively with your favorite summer shorts!
  2. Summer Dresses Meet Fall Fabulous:  Layer an oversized denim button up over a ravishing summer dress for a striking combination that is mega fantastic.  To add a bit of pizzazz, wear the shirt tails tied at the waist.   Tailored blazers, patterned knee high socks, and oversized cardigans work brilliantly to transit summer dresses to fall fabulous outfits.
  3. Skirts of Summer:  Pair your splendid summer skirt with a “size-bigger-than-needed” sweatshirt, colorful knee high socks, and a darling pair of t-strap heels for a fall ensemble that delivers impressive impact.  Summer skirts also pair well with varsity jackets and crew socks worn with traditional white Keds for a retro glam look.
  4. Sweet Blouses and Leather:  A flowy summer blouse worn under a one-button blazer paired with a leather skirt is a daring, ladylike way to create a sleek evening look for all fashionistas!
  5. Let’s Hear It for the Boys:  Embrace your preppy side boys!  Pair natural colored Bermuda shorts with a soft textured sweater and dark colored loafers sans socks to create the ultimate summer to fall transition.  To take your outfit to the next level, wear a vintage style fedora in a shade of gray.  Indeed, you will have all the girls saying, “Let’s Hear It for the Boys”!

“Out on the road today, I saw a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac. A little voice inside my head said: ‘Don’t look back, you can never look back’-Radio on.  I can tell you my love for you will still be strong after the boys of summer have gone.”  I encourage each of you to take the time to roll the windows down or let the top down, and sing along with me to “The Boys of Summer” as we bid farewell to long hot, summer nights and welcome the chill of fall.

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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn