Weekly Whistle: Emerald n’ Gold


Last week on Weekly Whistle, I chatted about how rust and emerald have always been my color sweethearts. If you missed the post, check it out here–you don’t want to be behind *wink* 

Taking a little bit of inspiration from last week’s throwbacks + a fabulous necklace I just finished making, I decided this week’s outfit of the week should be all about gold and emerald! Oh…there is just something about how emerald pairs so elegantly with rich hues like rust and different metallics. I remember several years ago, I had this fabulous emerald dress, and I wore it with practically with everything under the sun *wink* Hm…I wonder where that post is on the blog? *stalking myself* HERE WE GO! 

Ahh–this brings back sweet memories! This was when I was living in Birmingham and working with the Outlet Shops of Grand River for events and the Grand Haul Girl video series! Check out the post here.

Seeing this dress again makes me feel like I might have to dust it off for some future closet-shopping blogs, but I digress *wink*

Let’s get back to this week’s Weekly Whistle *wink* Check it out below:

IMG_1550 IMG_1549 IMG_1541 IMG_1548

Sweater: Express

Skirt: Forever 21

Heels: Belk

Earrings: handmade, BluKatDesign

Necklace: handmade, BlueGrits


To see another way I wore this necklace, please visit VIP Blue here!

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


A Good Deed & A Gold Sweater


Hey, y’all! It is that time of year again–closet cleaning time! I have been going through and donating my clothes to various charitable organizations since I was a little girl. Every spring and fall, my mom and I took out everything in my closet, and she would ask me if I still wore it…if I still wanted it…or…if I wanted to get rid of it. Staying true to this fabulous tradition, I went through my wardrobe and gathered items to donate–which is always bunches of fun! I really wanted to donate my fashions to a local organization–usually I donate to the Salvation Army–but this time I really wanted it to be more personal.

I had my clothes bagged and ready to take to a drop off box when I found out about Moody High School’s clothes closet on Facebook. BINGO! *LIGHT BULB* It was perfect–I just knew it was fate! I was so excited to give the six black garbage bags full of my fashions to the brand new clothes closet at Moody High School.  It was such an amazing and heart-warming experience, and I encourage all of you to closet clean and donate some of YOUR clothes to a local charity!

The VIP with Cheryl Kuyk (Head Principal at Moody High School) after I donated over half of my wardrobe to the school's Clothes Closet.
The VIP with Cheryl Kuyk (Head Principal at Moody High School) after I donated over half of my wardrobe to the school’s Clothes Closet.

Oh, and while I was doing my annual closet clean…I stumbled upon this fabulous gold sweater! I forgot all about it–I bought it about a year ago and the tags were still on it! Fabulous! Anyway, today’s VIP OOTD is all about mixing some Grand Haul items with the snazzy cord sweater I found in the back of my closet! Whoo hoo! Yay for closet cleaning:)

IMG_6787 IMG_6827 IMG_6829 IMG_6808 IMG_6857

Sweater: JCPenny

Pleather Leggings: Guess, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Heels: Nine West, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Necklace: Ethereal Energy by Liz Stechschulte

BEHIND THE SCENES: There is always time for a little Ziva loving when we are on photo shoots! Isn't the VIP's Giant Schnauzer an absolute cutie pie?!
BEHIND THE SCENES: There is always time for a little Ziva loving when we are on photo shoots! Isn’t the VIP’s Giant Schnauzer an absolute cutie pie?!


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Closet Shopping: Vintage Hipster


Hello there, fashionistas! Today on Shopping in Your Own Closet OR Closet Shopping [for short] I have channeled my inner vintage hipster in order to create a magnificent ensemble with my favorite pair of vintage high-waisted shorts!

With the warmer weather FINALLY HERE, I have begun to dress a little more spring-y…Oh, this Southern fashionista is LOVING the sunny fun days!


Now, I know y’all are just dying to see what outfit I created this week by simply shopping in my own closet! Phew! What a penny-saving operation…or at least that is what my mom says…and my dad…and probably their pocketbooks…anyway! Let’s see what the VIP’s Closet Shopping ensemble is!

IMG_3931 IMG_3920 IMG_3933 IMG_3918 IMG_3884 IMG_3939

Tank: American Eagle

Button-up: personal vintage collection

Shorts: personal vintage collection

Heels: Belk, Jessica Simpson

Belt: American Eagle

Earrings: Just Teasin’ Boutik & Salon-Louisville, Mississippi

Sunglasses: Target


Ahhh! Readers! I am going to just explode over the awesome pictures we took on the photo shoot today! I really need to wait to share them with y’all…but I will give you one and only ONE sneak peek because I just cannot contain my excitement anymore! Check the Facebook page! Go! Go! Go! There, you will find the sneak peek!

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Abby Hathorn

Shopping in Your Own Closet: Denim with a Splash of Neon


Hello, hello, hello, fashionistas! What about that Super Bowl yesterday? I am not a huge football fan; however, that was quite the interesting game! A power surge in the stadium, Beyoncé, and funny commercials-perfect way to spend Super Bowl Sunday (given that I spent most of the day in Nike shorts and a sweatshirt-fashionistas deserve to a lazy day too!) Anyway…we all know I am not here to talk sports! If I were…it would go something like this: Kick off, linebacker, quarterback, touchdown, go team go, cheer, chant, cheer, swing batter, batter, swing, homerun! Okay, now you all know why I am not a sports blogger haha! So, let’s get down to business! It is time to see what magnificent ensemble the VIP styled while shopping in her own closet!


As I was organizing my newly renovated closet…Yes, our house is still under construction, but the mess makes for fabulous pictures! I do not know what I am going to do when we actually finish the house…hmm…Anyway, as I was organizing my newly renovated closet, I stumbled upon a terrific pair of denim trousers! I had forgotten all about them during the move! So, without further ado, I introduce the VIP’s closet shopping ensemble! Whoo hoo!







Shirt: VIP DIY

Trousers: JCrew, Raspberry Beret Consignment Shop (Louisville, Mississippi)

Heels: Belk at the Summit, Michael Kors

Belt: American Eagle (Trussville, Alabama)

Necklace: BluKat Design

Earrings: Claire’s (Trussville, Alabama)


Time for tips? Of course! Shopping in Your Own Closet would not be the same without tips! C’mon, fashionistas, it is VIP TIP TIME!



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Shopping in Your Own Closet: Where’d You Get that Vest?!


Hello, my fashionistas! It is time for another fabulous  Shopping In Your Own Closet! Ahh…yes…good ole’ closet shopping! Join me, fashionable ladies and gentlemen, as we search for lovely forgotten treasures within our wardrobes!


This week’s Shopping In Your Own Closet ensemble is all about a totally 80s denim vest from a VIP DIY! Oh, I just love my VIP distressed denim vest…it is so stellar and combines well with so many outfits! So, I have brought the VIP DIY Vest out of the closet so that it may enjoy fame once again!







Blouse: Belk

Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Heels: TJMaxx, Jessica Simpson

Necklace: Avon

Rings: Beadsoul, Pandora, and Personal Collection


Now, let’s talk tips! No fashionistas can ever have too many tips!


Would you like to create your own VIP Totally 80s vest? Then check out the DIY @ this link: https://vintageinspiredpassionista.com/2012/02/29/diy-v-i-p-style-is-that-too-many-initials/

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Abby Hathorn