Letter From the Editor: Coffee Will Get Me Through October


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

It’s Friday *sighs and plops down in comfy chair* THANK GOODNESS! This week has been never ending, and I have a feeling this next week will be filled with lots of work, too! Thank goodness for coffee *wink*

ANYWAY–this weekend is merely a transition into SOME AWESOME THINGS for all of October! Let me tell y’all a little bit about my October :)

I major in coffee
  • I will be interviewing NBC’s Tracie Potts for Direction: Northeast at Northeast State Community College. I am SO VERY excited about this broadcasting opportunity! EEK! Stay tuned for more info *wink*
  • I have like a bajillion papers due–let’s not talk about it…I’m just going to say that I am glad that Starbucks is open late. 
  • I am getting ready to tour transfer universities. #stressful #paperwork 
  • *fingers crossed* I am working on a new project; however, I do not want to spill any beans until it’s official-official as to when it will be released.
  • I have fall break to look forward to–that means a 5 day weekend of #NetflixAndChill *wink*
  • The blog *might* be receiving a little makeover this month–if all goes according to plan! 
  • AND…last but not least, I have a SUPER fabulous blog series coming soon *happy dance*


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


J.Crew Challenge: Weekend Warrior Wrap Up


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

TGIF, right?! Oh, I have so much to do this weekend, y’all! I have three mid-terms coming up + an English paper due by Sunday. #collegelife *wink* I am also going to explore some of the surrounding areas to see what I can find. 

Well, busy weekends call for lots of outfits, so here is a Weekend Warrior Wardrobe that is sure to get you (or me *wink*) through! All of these fabulous outfits were created using items from the 2014 J.Crew Challenge + items I already had in my closet! Yay!

Now, while y’all take a look at these lovely looks, I am going to go sip on some hot coffee :) Enjoy!

FriDAY: At the office. 

IMG_6862 IMG_6845 IMG_6867

Jacket: Target
Button-Up: J.Crew
Shorts: J.Crew
Heels: Jessica Simpson, Belk

Friday NIGHT: Girls night out.

IMG_6896 IMG_6897 IMG_6899

Jacket: American Eagle, The Outlet Shops of Grand River
Tee: J.Crew
Jeans: J.Crew
Heels: Jessica Simpson, Belk

SaturDAY: Exploring the city.

IMG_6916 IMG_6910



Sweatshirt: J.Crew
Jeans: J.Crew
Scarf: J.Crew
Sneakers: Cynthia Rowley, Belk

SunDAY: Singing in the rain.

IMG_6932 IMG_6926 IMG_6929

Silk-fronted tee: J.Crew
Skirt: J.Crew
Hat: Blu Gertrude, Deep South Pout
Boots: Hunter, online


Special Note: Our regular “programming” *wink* will begin again on Monday now that the 2014 J.Crew Challenge has officially wrapped up.

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Weekly Whistle: College Orientation Outfit + Beauty Giveaway


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Yesterday, I attended freshman orientation at Northeast State Community College in Blountville, Tennessee, and it was absolutely amazing! I got my fall term schedule…my student ID…and a microwave from my mom and dad for tackling orientation sans parents.

The Northeast State Blountville campus is so beautiful and  full of wonderful professors + it has a killer Mass Communications and Theater department…the more I talk about it, the more excited I become. Whoo hoo–E! News or Vogue here I come *wink* 

Okay, that is enough college chat–there will be plenty of time for that once fall term rolls around *wink* Now, let’s take a look at the outfit details about what I wore to college orientation + why it works. 

IMG_6931 IMG_6945 IMG_6951

Blouse: Deep South Pout

Shorts: J.Crew, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Belt: American Eagle

Sandals: Born, DSW (Birmingham, Alabama)

Why it works:

This outfit worked perfectly for college orientation because it was comfy yet totally cute. I could have worn Nike shorts and a tank top and would have been comfortable, BUT I wanted to make a fashionable impression. And what better way is there to do that than by dressing cutely in bright hues! *wink*



Guess what?! The VIP has a spectacular surprise beauty giveaway happening RIGHT NOW on the VIP Facebook page! Click here for more details and to enter! Good luck!


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn