Beauty Tues: Naturally Curly Hair Hacks | Short Curly Hair

Ah...natural curls. They are a blessing and a curse. Everyone tells you to straighten your curls while they are out getting perms or getting on Pinterest looking for curling iron hacks. So, don't listen to the critics and feel like you have to slick down your curls--let them breathe! Embrace the beautiful craziness of your [...]

Beauty Tues: Grand Opening of Confidence Salon + Mad About Plaid Nails

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to Beauty Tues. This week on Beauty Tues, I want to show y'all around my hair stylist, Courtney Bennet's new salon--Salon Confidence. Courtney recently started a new chapter of her life by opening up her own salon in Jonesborough, Tennessee, and to be honest...I could not be more proud of [...]