Three Ways to Wear Thursday: A Sweater/Legging/Scarf Template + VIP Styling Tips


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Ah…Thursdays. The glorious day where we anxiously await Friday. One thing that helps the time pass faster is, of course, the VIP’s Three Ways to Wear every Thursday! So, whether you are Working For the Weekend *cue Loverboy* or you are gearing up for a Super Bowl party, this week’s TWTWT is sure to help you stay comfy, cute, and cozy with ease all weekend *wink* Let’s take a look shall we? 

Perhaps we need some music to help pass the time until Friday *wink* Where is my Loverboy t-shirt? I think I need to have a jam-session *wink*

The Template:

IMG_9572 IMG_9583

Sweater: GAP (Men’s apparel) | Jeans: Chip & Pepper, Belk | Boots: Lucky Brand, Belk | Earrings: Brighton 


Having a template is something I have found to be very useful. When life gets busy, we fashionistas do not have time to spend hours in our closets picking out and planning our outfits everyday….although the idea is tempting *wink* So, just like drafting blueprints for projects, draft “blueprints” or style templates for your day-to-day life. Purchase pieces that can interchange with basic items in your wardrobe, and say bye-bye to hassle and stress. Get basics that fit your style and that can be easily dressed up or down with accessories!

Way One:

IMG_9466 IMG_9476 IMG_9475 IMG_9481

Scarf: GAP

Way Two:

IMG_9512 IMG_9521 IMG_9550 IMG_9526

Scarf: ForgottenCotton


Do not be afraid to mix plaids (like in ways one and two)–just keep the colors similar! If the plaid you desire to wear has touches of reds, blues, grays, and whites….choose one of those colors in which to add another layer of plaid! Oh, also–separate the plaids. For example, you would not want to wear a plaid shirt with a plaid scarf, plaid pants, and plaid boots *wink* 

Way Three:

IMG_9502 IMG_9505 IMG_9494 IMG_9509

Scarf: ForgottenCotton


Y’all know how crazy I am for mixing patterns, so I obviously encourage y’all to live on the wild side of fashion every now and again *wink* When it comes to mixing patterns with a simple style template, play with similar hues and then accent with popping patterns. For some easy-to-remember tips about mixing patterns, please see our sister-blog here!

IMG_9525 IMG_9560 IMG_9501 IMG_9478

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Weekly Whistle: Mixing Patterns for Comfort


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Whoo hoo! Wednesday–I didn’t think you would ever get here! Now…if only Saturday would hurry up *wink*

For this week’s Weekly Whistle, I decided to go a bit cute, warm, and comfy by mixing patterns + skinny Chip & Pepper jeans + knee-high leather boots. I love this look because it is perfect for running errands in chilly weather!  

Now, while I go watch some sappy Hallmark movies, y’all check out these fabulous photos taken by my awesome Deddy + outfit details!

IMG_8226 IMG_8238 IMG_8229 IMG_8220 IMG_8240

Button Up: J.Crew

Jeans: Chip & Pepper, Belk

Scarf: Target

Boots: Lucky Brand, Belk



Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn