Weekly Whistle: VIP’s Top 5 Sweater Weather Picks

Hello, sweater weather! Sweaters are my winter go-to because of the fabulous and wide variety--from wild and funky to professional  and chunky. My Goodness! With all of the wonderful sweaters out there...how is a fashionista to choose? *wink* Now, let's take a look at the VIP's Top 5 Sweater Weather picks.  Which sweater is YOUR [...]

18 Days of Grand Haul: For the Love of Hoodies

Hello, my fabulouses! Today's Grand Haul look focuses on how a fresh, light-weight hoodie can change the whole style of an outfit. Oh, how the VIP adores hoodies! To take yesterday's outfit to the next level of cozy, toss off the scarf and slip on a snazzy blue Aeropostale hoodie for an outfit that is fabulous [...]