VIP Interview: Stephanie Grantham of StephieGknits

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Hello, hello, hello VIP readers! Today, I have a special interview to share with y’all! The VIP Interview with Stephanie Grantham of StephieGknits! Stephanie creates adorable knitted hats that are absolutely to-die-for! She also makes wonderful bracelets that the VIP adores!
Biscuit from The Biscuit Foundation with Muchie! What a precious little dog! Oh, the VIP is a sucker for adorable doggies!
Biscuit from The Biscuit Foundation with Munchie! What a precious little dog! Oh, the VIP is a sucker for adorable doggies!
As if her shop did not sound awesome enough, Stephanie Grantham donates a portion of her proceeds to a local nonprofit animal rescue group called “The Biscuit Foundation”, which is located in Burlington, North Carolina. Oh, fashionistas, I cannot hold back this interview anymore! So, without further ado, I present to you the VIP Interview with Stephanie Grantham!
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I guess you could say I am a natural born artist/crafter.  My grandmom Georgia taught me how to knit when I was nine years old and anything that was crafty caught my attention: cross stitch, needlepoint, unsuccessfully attempting to make quilts, photography, drawing/sketching.  My grandmom had very eccentric taste, and I would say she is the reason I have such an eye for color in both yarns and beads.  I have a lot of her old costume jewelry, and I consider those pieces art! I just love thinking about where that jewelry has been! I am now in my late 40’s, a grandmother, pet lover (mom to 3 dogs/2 cats).

In my spare time, I volunteer with a local nonprofit animal rescue group (The Biscuit Foundation) in Burlington NC. I donate a portion of proceeds from my shop to The Biscuit Foundation.


  • When you are not making jewelry/knitting, what do you enjoy doing?

When I am not making jewelry and knitting, I enjoy playing with the cats and dogs, gardening, photography, catching up with my favorite shows on the DVR, have the occasional whim to rearrange furniture (which my boyfriend cringes at), and reading books (yes, old-fashioned paper books). My favorites are memoirs and true crime. I love visiting my son’s family in Florida! I travel there every three to four months to visit with them. Spending time with my granddaughters is very important to me.


  • Describe your ideal vacation.

My ideal vacation is anywhere that involves the beach or water! Give me a porch swing and a screened in porch with a view of the water! That brings me back to my youth and all the beach vacations we had!


  • VIP QUESTION: What is one item in your closet you could never get rid of and why?

The one item in my closet I would never get rid of is an old gray and white Fair Isle sweater (vintage ~1950’s) that was worn by my mom when she was younger, and I wore when I was in high school and could still wear today if I chose to (I think).  If you’re talking about something I wear regularly and would hate to part with, it’s my black ballet flats. Who doesn’t love their black ballet flats?


I am very passionate about my craft! I love being creative with the colors and coming up with designs that are reflective of me.  I rarely, if ever, follow a pattern as I find them difficult to follow, and I just play it by ear and trust my instincts.  I like to learn new techniques as I go, and in my knitting I have actually learned new stitches by mistake (my favorite being the seed stitch that I tend to always use on my hats for the brim).  There is another person behind the jewelry designs in the shop, and that is my boyfriend, Jim.  He loves working with natural minerals, and we both love Czech Glass and crystal.  I would say that Jim’s designs are more for the earthy girl, and mine are more for the sparkly glamour girl.  We take great pride in the quality of the hand-knits and handcrafted jewelry we design, and we love getting custom requests!

Love this necklace and bracelet set! Oh, it makes me ready for a trip to the beach!
Love this necklace and bracelet set! Oh, it makes me ready for a trip to the beach!

Stephanie Grantham is such a fun person with great taste in knitting and jewelry making! All fashionistas need at least one StephieGknits item in their wardrobe! It is all so cute and colorful that you could wear it with anything and everything!

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BRACELET: STEPHIEGKNITS Blouse: Gus Mayer Pants: New York & Co. Heels: Jessica Simpson Hat: World Market Necklace: Personal Vintage Collection
Blouse: Gus Mayer
Pants: New York & Co.
Heels: Jessica Simpson
Hat: World Market
Necklace: Personal Vintage Collection

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V.I.P. Interview: Rachel Leathers

I am proud to present my interview with the amazing Rachel Leathers! Why is she so amazing, you ask? Well, Rachel creates beautiful handmade jewelry with which even celebs have begun to fall in love! Rachel is an impressive artist with a true passion for making wearable pieces of art.

Oscar's Gypsy Heart- succor creek jasper heart gemstone earrings as gifted at the 2012 Academy Awards (Rachel Leathers, Hearts of Stone Jewelry)
  • Share with us a brief bio about yourself.

I have been in the costume industry for 22 years, mainly as a seamstress. I’ve dabbled with costume design, but I didn’t like it and it didn’t like me! I’ve been a wardrobe supervisor, costume shop worker-bee, and the manager of a vintage costume house where I fined tuned my restoration skills on vintage garments. (Real vintage; garments as old as 150 years old, up to the 1960’s.) I’ve altered and created garments, props and everything in-between for theatre, film, TV, ice shows and parades.

Oscar's Copper Dreams- poppy jasper and sodalite hearts as gifted at the 2012 Academy Awards.
  • What made you want to create jewelry?

 I’ve always dabbled with other handcrafts my whole life, and attempting jewelry was something new to try. I began self-teaching myself over 9 years ago, and since I absolutely adore anything gemstone, I chose gemstone beads to play with. I began with several shapes, but the hearts became my favorite and visually more appealing, so I stuck with those. It was just another hobby at the time!

Oscar Celebrates Chinese New Year- silver leaf jasper and obsidian heart gemstone tassel chandelier earrings.
  • What are some of your favorite hobbies?

When I was a kid, I loved doing needlework, tried and failed at crochet, did some sewing and embroidering. These days, since I’ve made my living sewing, I hardly ever sew for myself anymore. I do enjoy it, but I’m not necessarily missing it either, right now. Since I turned my attention full-time to the jewelry, my past-times these days are more about spending quality time with my honey. He works SO much, and is so dedicated to his own business, that our time is precious and very limited. Not to say he’s my hobby! But, being a one-woman operation, the only free-time I have, I spend with him!

Oscar Loves Boho Chic- golden agate heart chandelier gemstone earrings with sodalite chips gifted at the Academy Awards 2012.
  • Who inspires you?

George, my honey is my biggest inspiration and supporter. He has always had an entrepreneurial spirit unequaled by anyone else I’ve ever known or met.  When I couldn’t find work in my field (which has been almost impossible thanks to the economy of late) I really wanted to try the jewelry again. He said, do it! That was November 2009, and I haven’t stopped yet. This has been the most creatively satisfying thing I’ve ever done! I’m loving it!

Bohemian Love- African Opal heart gemstone necklace with jasper, black agate and copper
  •  How would you describe your own style?

I’ve had the hardest time trying to pinpoint my style. I don’t really know what to call it! Other than contemporary, sometimes boho chic, sometimes Asian, modern? minimalist? I can’t pin it down to one. Every design seems to fall into its own category. Other than being handmade by me and made with gemstones, I can’t find a descriptor!

Green Goddess- African Opal heart gemstone with apatite
  • What type of metals and rocks/minerals do you use when making your jewelry?

 I use gemstones, natural stones, metal beads, crystals and czech glass, and keep the metal findings simple; brass, copper, silver and gold plate. I don’t use precious metals. I’ve been critisized for that before, but it doesn’t bother me. When I started, I couldn’t afford the precious metals, so I found a way to work around them. I’ve never regretted that, and still don’t find a need to specialize in precious metals. In my work, the stones do all the talking!

The Lucky Buddha- Black coral fossil heart gemstone necklace and earrings set with black Buddhas and blackstone
  •  What is your best selling item?

By the numbers of how many I’ve sold, I’d have to say earrings.

February's heart- Amethyst heart gemstone earrings
  •  Do you listen to music while you work, if so what genre or what artist(s)?

I listen to music and also the TV when working. I’ve been a jazz lover since I was 17, so that’s my staple. Favorites would range from Horace Silver to Art Blakey to George Shearing to Ella Fitzgerald and on and on!

Sweet-n-Simple 103- Fluorine heart gemstone earrings
  • What special events have you made jewelry for?

The most significant special events I’ve become involved in happened after I joined The Artisan Group, and I have gifted celebs and others at the Golden Globes last month, and will again at the Academy Awards the end of this month! I am beyond estatic to be able to do this, and am having a blast participating. We also gift charity auctions, a few of which I’ve been a part of, and really enjoy that as well.

Picture This- Picture jasper heart gemstone necklace set with bronzite and leopardskin jasper
  • What made you name your business “Hearts of Stone”?

When I first started to actually sell the jewelry I made to friends and co-workers, I didn’t have a name. That’s when I started liking the heart shaped stones the best, and stopped using other shapes. It just seemed a natural fit, using hearts made of stone, hey! I’ve got hearts of stone! It was very tongue in cheek to me, which is me in spades, so it stuck. It cracks me up to see people’s faces at shows when they figure it out; it is so literal, yet such a pun!

Miss Kitty- leopardskin jasper heart gemstone earrings.

Rachel Leathers also mentioned to me me during the interview, “I was once on a reality TV show as a seamstress; the one sewing job I wanted extended and never was! Shucks…”

Vanilla Cream- rutilated quartz heart and crazy lace agate gemstone earrings

I told you guys the interview with THE Rachel Leathers was going to spectacular! It was such a joy to get to know her better! I wish I could own everything that she has in her Etsy shop!

Tune in next time for a helpful DIY on converting a jean jacket into a spring staple item!

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