Weekly Whistle: College Orientation Outfit + Beauty Giveaway


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Yesterday, I attended freshman orientation at Northeast State Community College in Blountville, Tennessee, and it was absolutely amazing! I got my fall term schedule…my student ID…and a microwave from my mom and dad for tackling orientation sans parents.

The Northeast State Blountville campus is so beautiful and  full of wonderful professors + it has a killer Mass Communications and Theater department…the more I talk about it, the more excited I become. Whoo hoo–E! News or Vogue here I come *wink* 

Okay, that is enough college chat–there will be plenty of time for that once fall term rolls around *wink* Now, let’s take a look at the outfit details about what I wore to college orientation + why it works. 

IMG_6931 IMG_6945 IMG_6951

Blouse: Deep South Pout

Shorts: J.Crew, The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Belt: American Eagle

Sandals: Born, DSW (Birmingham, Alabama)

Why it works:

This outfit worked perfectly for college orientation because it was comfy yet totally cute. I could have worn Nike shorts and a tank top and would have been comfortable, BUT I wanted to make a fashionable impression. And what better way is there to do that than by dressing cutely in bright hues! *wink*



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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn


Frugal Friday: A Trip to Sephora + Happy Birthday, Mom!


Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog!

Happy Friday, y’all! Also…happy birthday to my mom–the coolest mom EVER *wink* 

I am going to keep this week’s Frugal Friday brief because I still have yet to make my mom’s gluten-free brownie cake–as she requested–and I have to rest up for the Kingsport Art Crawl tomorrow! Oh, goodness….what shall I wear?!

I digress…This week’s Frugal Friday is all about an outfit I created by shopping in my own closet–take a look:


Blouse: Deep South Pout (click here to see other ways I’ve worn this dime of a top *wink*)

Skirt: Molly Green Boutique (click here to see other ways I’ve worn this fabulously floral frock)

Heels: BCBG (These were actually my mom’s shoes–she bought them several years ago–it’s safe to say these heels were a classic buy *wink*)

Mom and I totally failed at our attempt to get the Sephora sign in our selfie...our luck--it's backwards *wink*
Mom and I totally failed at our attempt to get the Sephora sign in our selfie…our luck–it’s backwards *wink*

While shopping at Sephora in Johnson City, I picked up a lip gloss for the slamming price of $1.99–now, that’s a frugal buy! To make it even better–it’s universal pink…my favorite *wink*

Stay tuned to Beauty Tues in the coming weeks to find out the other awesome things I purchased + mini tutorials! Yay!

Now, readers, I am off to make gluten-free brownie cake in celebration of my mom’s 20th birthday *wink*



Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Little GREEN Dress Coffee Shop Ready


Hello, fabulouses! To change up yesterday’s LGD outfit for a cute coffee meeting, swap the leather jacket for a neutral-toned cardigan and a sassy pair of boots–BAM! You are ready for Starbucks in style!

IMG_9459 IMG_9450 IMG_9465

Dress: Three07

Cardigan: Deep South Pout

Boots: Lucky Brand, Belk


Be sure to check out the first behind-the-scenes video of the independent film, La Madame, in which I am co-starring!

Also, check out the website here to read the synopsis and see behind-the-scenes photos!

Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Casual Saturday Ensemble


Hello, fabulouses! Today on the blog, I am going to show you a causal Saturday ensemble that can take you from brunch at the café to a night out on the town with ease!  So, let’s just cut to the chase and see what this spectacular outfit is! Come on, my fashionistas, let’s get fabulous!


IMG_2005 IMG_2007 IMG_2010

Romper: Deep South Pout

Heels: BCBG

Bracelet: Just Teasin’ Boutik & Salon


Whether you are looking for a cute and casual day look, or you are looking for a sweet and sexy night look–this brightly colored romper is a look that anyone and everyone will love! Hop into your rompers, my fabulouses, and own the night! Post pictures to the VIP Facebook page of you sporting your favorite romper for a chance to be featured on the VIP blog! Oh, come on! You know you want to:)


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Weekly Whistle: July Round Up


Hello, my fabulouses! Let’s roundup the month of July fantastically by recapping Weekly Whistles!  Oh…how I love glancing back at outfits of the week each month–it is always fun! So, come on fashionistas, let’s get fabulous!

American Flags, Picnics, & Watermelons:

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IMG_1280 IMG_1278 IMG_1291

Something’s Fishy, Jack!

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IMG_0341 IMG_0377 IMG_0424

A Day At the Salon with Brantley Willis

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IMG_0529 IMG_0537 IMG_0552

Local Fashion Advantage Hilton Hollis Runway 2013

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IMG_1721 IMG_1720 IMG_1717


IMG_1981 IMG_1986 IMG_1989

Blouse: Loft, Outlet Shops of Grand River (Leeds, AL)

Trousers: Deep South Pout (Starkville, MS)

Shoes: Michael Kors

Belt: Anthropologie

Earrings: BluKat Design by Heather O’Cain


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Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn