Life Update: Engaged, New Home, & Painting Projects

To say life has been busy and filled with (good) stress lately is a huge understatement. In a short period of time, I got engaged, bought a home, and immediately jumped into revamping it.

As I step into a new phase of life with my fiance Skyler, I am looking forward to sharing updates of all of our adventures with all of you! I will continue blogging about all things fashion and vintage, but I will also be adding posts about easy home projects, decor ideas, landscaping, and more! But before I kick start new content, I want to give you all a little life update + share some sweet pictures from the last few months!

Since Skyler is a pretty new topic on the blog *wink* Let me tell you our little story ❤️

Skyler proposed on July 15th in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I absolutely didn’t see it coming, and he is very proud of that *wink* It was a lovely moment we got to enjoy together, just us–without the distractions of a Pinterest-inspired celebration or photographer. While I am sure many wanted to see a behind-the-scene reaction, we wanted to keep that special moment just for us.

Skyler and I went on our first date in May 2018, and the rest is history! Our first summer together was filled with fun adventures, concerts, and coffee runs. There were lots of late-night trips for Peanut Butter milkshakes, long talks about our goals in life, and so many other little things that made the beginning of our relationship so sweet. After Skyler learned about my obsession with ducks, this boy took me to every county fair in the area that summer just to see baby ducks. He brought me Coke Zeros to work without my asking and often surprised me with flowers. Relationships really are about the little things.

We had only been dating for a few months when Skyler took a civilian contract in Afghanistan. For that next year, we only saw each other two weeks at a time, every four months. Despite the time difference and our busy schedules, we made it work. Even though there were many challenges along the way, the time apart taught us so much about ourselves, our relationship, our future, and the true power of prayers.

In the past year of our relationship, we have been blessed to spend it together, and believe me, we have made every moment count! Whether it is going to the gym, grocery shopping, or going on an actual date, we have soaked up every laugh, smile, and story. And yes—Skyler still surprises me with little (and big) things…


After realizing we needed more space and freedom than a one bedroom apartment could offer + wanting our money to go towards something we would actually own, we started searching for a house. The housing market in the Tri-Cities, Tennessee area has been (and still is) a hot market–with houses getting snatched up faster than hot doughnuts at Krispy Kreme (which Skyler LOVES hot doughnuts from Krispy Kreme).

After losing out on a few houses and thinking we would never find the one, God blessed us with finding our sweet, little home in Jonesborough, Tennessee…just blocks from Main Street–which is filled with darling shops, restaurants and a coffee shop! As we get settled in our new little town, I will also be exploring local shops and dining + sharing it all on VIP!

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Views from the Chester Inn porch 😍👍🏼

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I know y’all are dying to know what kind of house we got. So without further ado…DRUM ROLL…a funky, mid-century modern built in 1960. What else would the VIP have picked *wink* I’m not going to show you photos yet. You’ll have to keep visiting the blog for sneak peeks and reveals.

The house we purchased was recently renovated, but it needs some personality and some paint for all of the red brick (inside and outside). Did I mention this house has a lot of red brick inside and outside? Like a lot. Skyler and I have plans to make this little home ours and to fill it with love (and possibly get a couple of ducks) *wink* I mean….Oakley needs some siblings!

As a first-time home buyer and revamper, I’m learning home projects are not as glamorous as HGTV makes them out to be. They are messy….They are challenging….They are totally worth late nights and paint in the hair!

Here’s a little sneak peek of what we’ve been working on *wink* And…if you can’t wait until another post to see what’s happening, follow me on Instagram @AbbyHathorn.

Well, that’s all I have for you on this Life Update, but I promise to share more soon! I can’t wait to show y’all the finished kitchen, but I have to get back to painting bricks one-by-one *wink*

Weekly Whistle: Rust + Rose Quartz + Velvet Floral


For those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning (it will be four years tomorrow–CELEBRATE! *happy dance*), you know just how obsessed I am with funky blazers. From bright, graphic prints to velvet floral ones–I cannot turn down a blazer that has a spunky personality *wink* Oh, and to think…it all started with a turquoise blazer I stumbled upon at Urban Outfitters about five years ago! It was love at first sight…and then I quickly spun out of fashionable control *wink*

This blazer is still one of my favorites ever!

Now, for this week’s fabulous Weekly Whistle, I am playing with warm and pastel hues + a super-duper lovely velvet floral blazer. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s outfit of the week!

IMG_1405 IMG_1390 IMG_1397 IMG_1400 IMG_1403 IMG_1412 IMG_1425 IMG_1418 IMG_1419 IMG_1427 IMG_1420 IMG_1424

Blouse: Forever 21

Skirt: Forever 21

Blazer: Anthropologie

Boots: Bedstu, The Gypsy Spur

Bracelets: handmade, BlueGrits


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn

Everything She Touches Turns to Gold | Vintage Sequin Dress


One of my resolutions for 2016 is to get back to my blog roots by buying and wearing more vintage, and while on a recent photo shoot with my dear friend Andrew of Snapshot Avenue, I found this AH-MAZING vintage gem at Jonesborough Antiques & Artisans.  This 1980s, gold, sequined jacket/dress is an absolute power-piece, and I am tempted to slap the VIP logo on the back and wear it all of the time *wink* Oh. My. Goodness. I love sparkle…and especially vintage sparkles *wink*

Behind the scenes of the photo shoot with Andrew Love.
Behind the scenes of the photo shoot with Andrew Love.

This stately frock is so gold that it reminds me of one of my favorite James Bond movies, Goldfinger! Now, as you take a gander at this week’s fabulous Weekly Whistle, listen to this killer Shirley Bassey Bond theme song and get inspired to wear more gold, vintage and sequins*wink*

IMG_1162 IMG_1163 IMG_1168 IMG_1169 IMG_1175 IMG_1178 IMG_1198 IMG_1187 IMG_1211 IMG_1219 IMG_1217 IMG_1220 IMG_1184

Dress: Jonesborough Antiques & Artisans

Tights: Target

Shoes: Nine West, Outlet Shops of Grand River

Earrings: BuriedDiamond, Etsy


Stay Fabulous,

Abby Hathorn