Weekly Whistle: VIP’s Top 5 Sweater Weather Picks

Hello, sweater weather! Sweaters are my winter go-to because of the fabulous and wide variety--from wild and funky to professional  and chunky. My Goodness! With all of the wonderful sweaters out there...how is a fashionista to choose? *wink* Now, let's take a look at the VIP's Top 5 Sweater Weather picks.  Which sweater is YOUR [...]

Social Media Connection: Keep up with VIP on the go this holiday!

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! Phew! This holiday traffic is madness, but it is totally worth it for those last minute gifts, right? *wink* With Christmas parties, family get-togethers, and traveling, it is hard to update all of the VIP happenings via the blog...so what's a blogger to do? Post to various social [...]

18 Days of Grand Haul: From College Classroom to Date Night

Hello, my fabulouses! For yesterday's outfit, I took a cozy pair of pink cords and dressed them for the classroom. Today, I am dressing those same pretty pink cords for a dazzling date night! To take cord trousers from campus to the movies or dinner, toss on a sporty chiffon sweatshirt and baby soft scarf [...]