VIP Home: Blank Canvas Syndrome (Curtain Fest Part 4) Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to VIP Home! Being the daughter of an artist, I was able to witness blank canvas syndrome first hand. I remember my mom leaving a canvas blank for hours...sometimes days...even weeks! Furniture pieces would sit unfinished in our garage until she had a brilliant idea on how to refinish each [...]

VIP Scrapbook: DSW Shoe Love Party with B-Metro Magazine

Hello, fabulouses, and welcome back to the blog! Special thanks to the VIP fans who tuned in for the live blogging/social media broadcast of the DSW Shoe Love Party at Colonial Brookwood Village in Birmingham!  It was so much fun getting to work with B-Metro Magazine and Erica Bunker of D.I.Y. Style for this shoe-tacular event, and I [...]

DSW Shoe Love Party at Colonial Brookwood Village with B-Metro Magazine

Calling all shoe lovers and fashionistas! DSW at the Colonial Brookwood Village in Birmingham is having a super fabulous Shoe Love Party...and guess what?! You're invited!  Join the VIP, D.I.Y. Style blogger Erica Bunker, and B-Metro Magazine for a fantastic night of shoes, shopping, snacking, sipping, and *drum roll* LIVE STYLING! Live styling? What is [...]

18 Days of Grand Haul: Bring Back the Cords and A Peek at the Grand Light Spectacular

Hello, my fabulouses, I brought back the pretty pink cords for today's Outlet Shops of Grand River Grand Haul outfit and paired them with a black, floral button up from Aeropostale. This look is lovely for running errands, casual coffee dates, and not to mention that I snagged the blouse, trousers, and shoes for some [...]